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RE: [art_education] Re: Students with disabilities?

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  • Kate
    Another option is to edit your membership and select the option of selecting daily digest and just receive one email per day. That keeps you in the loop but
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 2, 2010

      Another option is to edit your membership and select the option of selecting daily digest and just receive one email per day.  That keeps you in the loop but doesn’t bombard you with dozens of emails every day.




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      Surely, you didn't think someone else holds all the power over your membership? You have the power!

      Hit the "edit membership" button at the top of the screen.

      Sorry to bust on you, but this comes up at least twice a year.

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      > Please stop sending me all these emails. I do not want to be a part of
      this site anymore. I am too busy working to read all of this materrial.
      > Thank you
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      > I taught in art an inclusive classroom and had conferences with the
      teachers to see where the strengths and
      > challenges were and worked toward the strengths. The kids don't have to do
      the same project. For instance, with the brdhouse,
      > the kid could paint an already built one or use markers and then use
      glitter glue. Figure out what you, the kid and the parent want from the experience
      > and go with that. you won't go wrong. k
      > On Mar 30, 2010, at 4:37 PM, Wanda wrote:
      > Could some of you share how much you help you give students with sever
      > disabilities? Our school has an inclusion police so I have special
      > education students, some severly disabled with no aide, grouped with the
      > rest of the population of students. I have as many as four self
      > contained students in one class a long with 10-15 regular and advanced
      > students. I probably assist them too much but I want them to feel
      > successful. For instance art 1 students are working with clay making
      > boxes, birehouses or teapots, I built one students box completely, she
      > has downs syndrome and can hardly hold a pencil, she will add all the
      > details to the outside and cut out the top to form a lid. Any thoughts
      > on this? Wanda

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