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Re: [art_education] School art exhibitions

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  • Cheryl Hancock
    That is a great idea to collaborate with the drama students. I was thinking the weeping lady Picasso!! Cheers Cheryl ... -- Cheryl Hancock Cooper, Dior and
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 31, 2010
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      That is a great idea to collaborate with the drama students.
       I was thinking the weeping lady Picasso!!
      Cheers Cheryl

      On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 12:55 AM, MARYANN KOHL <maryann@...> wrote:

      Kids dress up like a favorite painting character, and pose with all the props they might need.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      MaryAnn Kohl

      On Mar 30, 2010, at 5:15 AM, reens@... wrote:

      Here are some ideas that my art association has been kicking around for
      our next art show, some of which are “out there“. We haven’t tried any
      yet so I make no guarantees:

      - Have students dress in gray and paint their skin gray (don’t know what
      kind of paint to use though) to act as human statues, then they move
      suddenly and surprise the people looking at them. Maybe the audience
      could paint the statues (put paint on them not paint a picture of them).

      -Have students demonstrating art techniques and have supplies available
      for the audience to make what is being demoed.

      -Have a large canvas available for show goers to paint hand prints on,
      draw on or leave messages on. Later the canvas can be cut into smaller
      pieces and auctioned off, money going to the art department or a charity.

      -Ask students to donate a piece of their art for a silent action, money
      goes to the art department or a charity.

      -Offer awards for different categories, or grade levels. Invite adult
      artists in your community and/or people of the business community or
      school board members to be the judges.

      -Invite the local newspaper to come to the judging or the show.

      -Invite a local radio station to the event, maybe they could give away

      -People seem to love showing off their dogs. Have some kind of a dog
      contest, best dog tricks, ugliest dog, prettiest dog….. Have a dog artist
      area where dogs walk though paint then onto a canvas to make a painting
      that can be auctioned off at the end of the night…. Have clay available
      for dogs to make paw prints in, charge a fee to have it glazed and fired,
      money goes to the art department or a charity.

      -Have a family photo op area with a nice backdrop, props and lighting set
      up. A student could be available to take pictures but have the people
      bring their own cameras so you don’t have to worry about getting the
      picture to them.

      -Have some kind of picture board with a hole in it or fancy frames set up
      for people (or dogs) to stand behind and put their heads through and take
      a photo.

      -Have a brainstorming session with students for ideas.

      -Sidewalk chalk painting either done by students or event goers.
      Good luck!
      Reen Shannon

      > I am looking for great ideas to pull in the best crowd to a school art
      > exhibition. My school is beginning to show more appreciation for the arts.
      > They turn out in huge numbers for the school plays as all students are
      > involved either in a senior or junior production. I last held an
      > art exhibition about 3 years ago but was very disappointed in the parent
      > turn out. I need some ideas to get the highest attendance possible. This
      > year there are no school productions as we have decided on a 3
      > year rotation between visual; arts, drama and music. I am the quiet sort
      > of
      > person , not looking for personal accolades but just recognition of the
      > students awesome work.
      > I will be having a wearable art parade which will bring in lots of
      > children. I am often without physical help but will be given time out of
      > the
      > class to set up the display. I hold my display 4 weeks into the last term
      > of
      > the year - same time we do final reports. I have about 1600 pieces on
      > display ( 4 pieces per student) as I dont send any art work home until
      > the
      > end of the year after I do my final reports. I am looking at some really
      > way
      > out ideas if possible.
      > These people love to be entertained.
      > --
      > Cheryl Hancock
      > Beeliar Primary School
      > Perth Australia

      Cheryl Hancock
      Cooper, Dior and Charisma
      Perth Australia
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