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Re: [art_education] Beginning Self Portraits

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  • Cheryl Hancock
    Barb, What age are the students?. It depends how old they are but starting with contour drawing is probably the best way to get them to really look at
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       What age are the students?. It depends how old they are but starting with contour drawing is probably the best way to get them to really look at proportion. . There are a couple of ways to go about this. Seriously I always want art to be fun and getting into realism is not my cup of tea- that is personal. The idea is to get them LOOKING LOOKING AND LOOKING and NOT DRAWING WHAT THEY THINK THEY CAN SEE.
      1. Try Blind contour drawing ie one continous line where their first drawing is covered by a larger sheet of paper . Give the instructions like start at the chin and draw around the whole face shape. etc You are allowed to retrace lines and allowed to lift , rest and restart from the same place. Continue until all the face and shoulders are completed. This should take no more than five minutes,   they will get some funny Picasso faces at first. Use a texta- felt pen . They cant rub out. Do not discard these drawing - date them and put them away for a few weeks. They can use then m for a Picasso style painting in a few weeks time. Students are best paired up, one models and other draws. Using mirrors is a bit more difficult.
      2 Complete a contour drawing where they can look at their page. again read out the steps  and use only felt pen.
      3. Look at the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain- complete a portrait drawing using the upside down method. The student just find it hard to draw the reverse image but are very pleased when they complete it. Try finding a really nice line drawing by a master - make Photo copies and get them to make their own masterpieces. using this technique.
      4. Find drawing lessons for adults on line. Concentrate on the individual features of the eye, nose, ear, etc.
      5. Finally show them a simple diagram of the face proportions. use tape measures to illustrate how the eyes are in the middle of the head etc.
      6 When they have completed a more realistic drawing compare them with their other drawings- gauge their reactions. 
      7 Have students do a final contour drawing again and compare with first one. 
      8 This project should last a few weeks.
      Now for another fun drawing game which can be done to create group drawings of a face- each student can start a portrait 
      (Exquisite Corpse technique). Fold a sheet of paper ( reasonable quality in to quarters. Ask student one to draw the top right hand part of the face, pass it onto student 2 who draws the top left hand ,then the 3rd person bottom left and then to person 4 or return it to the person who started it.  They cant see what each other has drawn. when it is finished the image is revealed. painted, etc. Painting can also be done on the rotation. Again a bit like Picasso portraits.
       I love modern art and leave our digital cameras to record faces and use photo shop to make realistic portraits. I did publish this lesson on our education departments syllabus materials site. I have attached a pdf copy of that lesson.
      Cheryl  Hancock
      Perth Western  Australia

      Good luck

      On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 7:56 AM, bjsantora <bjsantora@...> wrote:

      I'm teaching students who have little drawing background if any. We're working on portraits. I would like to provide them with print tutorials on drawing the eye, nose, lips and ear so they can practice these on their own. Does anyone have any nifty handouts to share, or reference books that they like to use? Much appreciated! Barb

      Cheryl Hancock
      Cooper, Dior and Charisma
      Perth Australia
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