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Re: Shaving Cream Prints

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  • Joanne
    Great Ideas, Thanks!
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 2, 2010
      Great Ideas, Thanks!

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Byrd1956" <rhelsel@...> wrote:
      > Take this further... water down the paint or get spray acrylic, spread the shaving cream then add paint. Swirl it w/a comb. Pull a print w/paper & scrape paper w/a squeege (I have used those credit type junk mail cards). This shaving cream marbelization is awesome. We've used it for stationary & cards, background for paintings,one the pages of our altered books and on small bags that are used for gift bags. My 7th. and 8th. graders love it.
      > Another marbelization technique is fill a container w/ H2O, scrape colored chalk dust onto top of water using an old knife...you could use a tongue depressor for younger kids. Swirl chalk w/fork. Pull a paper print. Once dry the marbelization can be used as is or we have drawn on it using colored pencils or sharpies. Students "find" images in the design and make a picture or design from it. Often other worldly planets, unusual creatures, or landscapes. I spray them whairspray or fixitive.
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