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Re: [art_education] art therapy/alt art ed

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  • DeAnn Hanisch
    Seems the context within which you find yourself is very oppressive. (And we wonder why education is in the state it is in. . .) That is very unfortunate.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2002

      Seems the context within which you find yourself is very oppressive. (And we wonder why education is in the state it is in. . .) That is very unfortunate.  Have you though about offering your services to those parents who are home schooling. I worked for a woman who opened her own business in which she taught art to many home schoolers. If parents really want their children to be exposed to the arts, then they will be willing to invest in such an experience that a business like this could offer.  Other benifits: you are empowered to make important, critical and effective decisions based on issues including the class size, what to include in the curriculum according to state standards, approaches to creating nurturing and authentic learning environments, etc. Maybe you have already thought of this. 

      Also, have you looked into museums and their educational and outreach programs?

      Keep working through it. Try to focus on the positive things that are happening currently (big or small) and build upon these. It's so very easy to become overburdened, even blinded, by all the negativity. Perservearance finds the solution in the end.


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