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Re: [art_education] Computer Graphics Skills are necessary for Art EDUCATION

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  • Anna Lewis
    Praise God for being an art educator! No other profession outside education gives the breaks we get!!!! 16 straight days!!! Now, concerning graphics and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 18, 2009
      Praise God for being an art educator! No other profession outside education gives the breaks we get!!!! 16 straight days!!!

      Now, concerning graphics and computer skills - I see such a trend toward computer graphics that I am seriously considering getting further education in computer graphics, video and other types of technology to teach along with traditional art. There is a master's level course being offered through Full Sail University that teaches the subjects I just mentioned. Has anyone heard of this program or organization? I'd like some feedback please.

      Merry Christmas and God Bless

      Anna Lewis
      Art Instructor K-6
      Barling Elementary/
      Bonneville Elementary
      Fort Smith Public School Distrct
      >>> Judy Decker <jdecker4art@...> 12/18/09 9:32 AM >>>
      Greetings Art Educators,

      I agree that a Fine Art major may not need computer skills - but
      computer skills are essential now for K-12 Art Educators. My computer
      skills were all self taught (and through personal professional
      development training/courses at my expense). I do not regret in the
      least having these skills. My enthusiasm for technology is what
      brought additional funds and equipment to the art room (and yes -
      resentment from other staff members. I paid the price for that...
      which is a long story that none of us have time for today).

      Just thought the topic needed some clarification.

      Brandy, I was a sculpture major, too -- and loved welding! Haven't
      done that since college though. Ironically, design was my least
      favorite in college - but that is where I excelled in teaching (I
      always heard praise for my design projects from other staff members).
      I also only took the minimum required courses for printmaking - but
      ended up teaching that as a course for 7 years of high school - and
      excelled in that in all regional art shows. I shed no tears though
      when I was moved from high school to elementary (then full time middle
      school). Printmaking for high school needs funding - and my former
      district was not willing to do that. I spent way too much of my own
      money to teach that course. I was also stuck cleaning all of the silk
      screens at the end of the day, too.... Not fun. I will share with you
      though that I was under considerable amount of pressure to teach
      computer graphics in high school rather than traditional print
      materials. The school didn't have the hardware or the software at the
      time - but that didn't matter (I received "digs" at every evaluation
      and nearly every time I passed the administrator). I kept adding more
      and more to my home system so that I would be ready - plus spent
      countless hours creating artworks to use (but was so glad when the RIF
      came). I don't know how many years it took for the high school to get
      the updated hardware and necessary software, but I know they finally


      Judy Decker
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