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Re: Collaboration and Creating Community

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  • artsypffartsy
    Congratulations on your beautiful wooden tiles. Love the process you used! I know what you mean about the great feeling you get when you see your kids
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1 4:52 AM
      Congratulations on your beautiful wooden tiles. Love the process you used! I know what you mean about the great feeling you get when you see your kids contributing something through their art to the community. It's great for all. Kids really rise to the occasion and give it their best, and they seem to glow with knowing they are brightening someone else's lives through their art.

      I have done a lot of this in my 30 years of teaching. For about 8 years straight, each of my classes donated a major project to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Throughout the course of time we focused on TCH, we donated many murals, a whole floor filled with individually framed paintings of birds in their "BLuebird Clinic," paintings on the inside of clear acrylic wheel chair spoke cover discs that roll all over the hospital, bird houses, and much more. All of this work is framed and still hanging there. Once we made a life sized papier mache.olaster gauze grouping of life-sized figures of the farmer and wife from American Gothic,along with a life sized pig, cow, dog, and cat. That went to MD Anderson Cancer Center's Children's areas a long time ago. We have donated a mural to ROnald McDonald House, and 18 city murals (painted/cut paper collage) to a home for children of abuse and neglect. That facility had no children's art on the walls at all at the time we donated art to them. I'm always looking for a new avenue for us to go down in Community Service artwork because the rewards are so great for all. The facilities we have donated to love having the work. Over the years, many of our parents who have had to take kids to Texas Children's Hospital for stitches or worse, have reported back to me how wonderful a distraction it was to be able to look at all the work of our students over the years as they waited in the ER to be seen, or in the treatment rooms. Art is a healing force. Can't imagine life without it! And we are so blessed to be able to share art with those who need it most. Actually ALL of us need it most in my opinion, but we all know how WE feel. Glad you took on your project. It sounds like you would like to repeat the process again sometime. I hope you do!
      Linda in Houston
      St. John's Lower School

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "kathrynconeway" <kathryn@...> wrote:
      > http://artatthecenter.blogspot.com/2009/10/dreams-for-our-community-community-art.html
      > A recent post to our blog about a community art event we did in collaboration
      > with a local non-profit.
      > I still feel very happy when I look at the pictures, it was sort of amazing how
      > in only two hours it was able to feel like a real working community of artists.
      > I am very intersted in how collaboration and creating community art can be a
      > motivator. We welcome any thoughts, ideas, feedback, shared experience.
      > Kathryn
      > Art at the Center
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