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Ten Lessons the Arts Teach - plus curriculum site

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, Alan Haskvitz often posts valuable links to Art Education list. One curriculum site that was posted today is excellent (from what I
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      Greetings Art Educators,

      Alan Haskvitz often posts valuable links to Art Education list. One
      curriculum site that was posted today is excellent (from what I have
      seen so far - haven't finished browsing).

      American School of Bombay Visual Arts

      Included is a link to Ten Lessons the Arts Teach (which goes to the
      old NAEA site). Here is the new link:
      NAEA home:
      I haven't even updated my own links yet....will add that to my "to do" list.

      The site also has a link the NCREL's pdf file for 21st Century skills
      (over 80 page pdf file).
      If you want to read this file later - save it from the site. I
      couldn't find it on NCREL's site.

      This school is making an attempt in the curriculum to merge what has
      been done in the past (sort of a DBAE approach) with the need for
      adapting to the digital age and new problem solving skills. I will
      explore the site further, but time is limited today.
      Take a look at the Quick View "map".

      For those of you who are not familiar with TAB Choice (Teaching for
      Artistic Behavior), check it out. This method of teaching is all about
      problem solving - with focus on 21st Century Skills. Please check
      their site:

      Note to Alan: Please continue posting great curriculum/art education
      sites. Folks are always asking for them. I don't seem to have time to
      browse anymore myself. Most of my collection of links I have are
      outdated. Due to back problems and wrist problems I can only spend
      about two hours a day at my machine (which is actually a good thing -
      I was spending 8 to 16 hours a day in the past). Thanks for all you do
      for educators. I have my "own little world" to take care of now - a 75
      gallon freshwater aquarium with fish from many parts of the world (had
      it since June 2006). I don't have Africa yet - but that will change
      soon (I am bringing back some on my next trip to visit with my son in
      Kentucky - they have better fish stores there).

      Note: Alan's site is Reach Every Child:

      Just told my hubby it is "Banned Book Week" (he teaches high school
      English - he should have fun with that).


      Judy Decker

      Note to Getty list members: If you post a reply to this message,
      delete my email address. It only takes you a second of your time. This
      email notifying you of valuable information took me several minutes to
      write. If you want me to continue to share valuable information with
      you, respect my request for your time - Do not post my email address.
      Yes, you may call me "controlling" - but I prefer you to exercise self
      control (smile).
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