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More song ideas! or planninig Greg's retirement from teaching...

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  • Judy Decker
    (Greg you are seeing double on this one on purpose too -- I guess I am forgiven for letting Getty mail consume me for the month of February - I sure am
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      (Greg you are seeing double on this one on purpose too -- I guess I am
      "forgiven" for letting Getty mail consume me for the month of February - I
      sure am having FUN now grooving to art)

      Dear Art Educators,

      I guess I can take a break from my Picasso Polka dance to post this....

      Greg, I am wondering what happened to the Intermediate colors? Or do you
      like Tertiary? or does it matter? - just so we can have them all? I think
      there is a song in using BOTH words (look to the Getty archives - Nov.
      2003 - for material for that song ---The "seeds" have been planted - the
      flower needs to GROW). Our edible color wheel lesson needs them for the
      bigger kids at least. I decided to add links to that lesson first...AND on
      my color symbolism page (that one gets a ton of hits).

      Once you have all of our colors taken care of....we need shapes - organic
      and geometric -- then fill out the FORMS, too.
      I am Positive - we need the Negative, too -- and what is the negative? --
      can you draw the negative? (A Getty thread is on that one, too - maybe
      September?) Now which is the positive?...You just write the song...all of
      the elements and principles NEED YOU!.... I guess I am just "Beside Myself"
      right now.... I am more asymmetrical, myself, though. I have a FEELING
      textures will be a hit, too....OK..Let us know when Volume 4 and Volume 5
      are ready - pretty please...AND then there can be Greg Greatest Hits....And
      Greg Sings the Elements - and Greg's Colors all in one....and Greg's
      Principles all in one....and on and on...and on.....See what you can do to
      give us the rest of the elements and principles (I'll send you art heroes,
      too)....Middle School teachers around the world will adore you! Because all
      of their kiddies coming to them will KNOW them all already -- they will even
      be able to dance to them.
      High School teachers will do back flips because they won't have to give
      another test over elements and principles....and What is your "perpective on
      things" (another needed song - just using some simple tools of perspective
      for kids)?

      Blessings coming your way.....and now the music has stopped so it is time to
      work...BUT first I must listen to Madafo again...and tell him a laugh out
      loud story....today I will just enjoy being a little "cracked pot" (personal
      joke -- but some of you may have received that forwarded email).

      Do you have songs running through your head all the time? Just curious? You
      must have a blast teaching! Do your kids dance to the songs or act them out?
      I can see a whole elementary school choir concert around your music. Do you
      make sheet music available?...Sorry for so many questions today.....NO rush
      for answers. A "Gold Mine"!

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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