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"Where's the Tiger? Where's the Tiger?" (Henri Rousseau)

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  • Judy Decker
    (Greg - you are seeing double on this one on purpose - P.S. is for you) Dear Art Educators, Where is the Tiger? Where is the Tiger?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      (Greg - you are seeing double on this one on purpose - P.S. is for you)

      Dear Art Educators,

      "Where is the Tiger? Where is the Tiger?"
      YES - you CAN order by mail! I am not a PayPal person. Print out order form
      and mail with your check or money order.

      Well yesterday he (Tiger) was doing "swimmingly" - He was hiding around all
      the plants - I'd "look to the left" --and he was there -- then I would "look
      to the right" and he was there....He was having a GRAND time --and so was I
      as I was singing my new song "Where is the Tiger" by Greg Percy (Volume 3
      http://cdbaby.com/cd/percy2 ). It doesn't take long for a tune to stick in
      my head. Some of you will remember that Tiger is (was) the new fish I bought
      with my son on Saturday. We lost Forest Hunter ( a green version of Tiger)
      within a few hours (our fault - ammonia level was too high). Last night I
      spent about an hour with Tiger - knowing he wouldn't make it till morning.
      Little Tiger is in "fishy heaven" now. I never was good at raising fish - I
      am better with kids and cats.

      Greg - You ARE GREAT - keep living your name! (Greg is on Art Education
      "meaning 'watchful, alert'. This was the name of several saints including
      three Fathers of the Church: Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus (3rd century), Saint
      Gregory of Nyssa, and Saint Gregory of Nazianzus (both 4th century). This
      was also the name of 16 popes, including Gregory I, who was known as Gregory
      the Great."

      I am hoping that we are giving Greg some good material for future songs. --
      stay "watchful and alert". I am thinking there is a song in the "taking care
      of art materials (pencils)" thread.... A song that could be sung on the
      first day of class to help remember the rules....something about Art Rules!
      and these are the tools? ....then something about valuing them? "Pencils,
      paint brushes - more -these are the tools that we adore".... Well...I am NOT
      a poet that is for sure. Going "Down to the Art Room" is close -- but just
      doesn't quite cover it all. (All "Art on a Cart" teachers need to play the
      "Down to the Art Room" on the PA system throughout the school)

      Well I am off to "Tahiti" -- so I'll see you later.... BTW - I have my own
      work of art named "The Twitteriing Machine" (nothing like Klee's - just in
      honor of him).

      Folks - this is advertising on the list "in a good way". We have no policy
      about "advertising" per se. We all just use our own judgment. I come by it
      naturally. I was in advertising for six years before I got back into
      teaching. It is funny, but now I have more dreams about that than I do

      Mona, "you stole my heart" - you are the "girl of my dreams!" (Volume 2).
      "Are you serious?"..... "I'm just curious"....."Where do you start?" ......

      Last advertisement for Greg for now..... I just needed "Where's the Tiger
      Today" ...and wanted to take you all along.


      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

      P.S. This is just for Greg - so no one take offense. "God" speaks through
      you - giving YOU messages that kids need to know. Continue to LISTEN to what
      is needed most. I will work on some more links today....still feeling a
      "little blue" though (smile). I am so glad we "met"... and my apologies to
      anyone who read and was offended.
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