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RE: [art_education] reconstitute clay?

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  • Dan Triplett
    I ve been teaching art for ten years but only in the last 5 have I begun to use clay in my classroom. The first five years I was on a cart and the Kiln was
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 5, 2009
      I've been teaching art for ten years but only in the last 5 have I begun to use clay in my classroom.  The first five years I was on a cart and the Kiln was basically in storage.
      Consequently there was a lot of clay around here that no one was using and over the years it all dried out.  Teachers had some in their rooms (as they used to do clay projects themselves) but after I got my room, they gave it all to me.  Here's how I reconstitue my clay.  It's easy and works for me every time.
      I use a Sterilite 12/QT plastic container (161/2'x111/2' x6") and place an old t-shirt (a towel will work) in the bottom (over hanging the edges).  I place the hard clay length wise in the container and then fold the over hanging t-shirt onto the top of the clay (basically wrapping the clay in a cloth or t-shirt-it acts like a wick and distributes the water).  I add about 3 -5 cups of water (pouring over the top of the clay - until there is about 1/4 inch of water in the bottom) and then snap the lid on the container.  I make sure to saturate the entire t-shirt.  I let it set for two weeks adding water each day as needed (toward the end don't over do the adding of water).  The clay comes out near perfect every time.  If too much water is added it will evaporate with the lid off so there is no problem there.   I usually do about 6 at a time (or more) depending on my needs. 

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      Hi everyone-
      I have a couple of bags of HARD Lizella red clay Do you guys ever reconstitute clay?
      I have googled it & it seems there are many ways of doing this.
      I have never had to do this before, b/c @ my former schools either (a) i started the clay program so this wasn't an issue, or (b) all the clay I "inherited" was still "soft & moist" (sounds like a cake:-) huh?)
      Anyways-just wondering if it was worth the effort, and what way(s) would you suggest?

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