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    That is so cool! Brenda ... From: Jennifer Blair To: Sue Stevens ; art_education@yahoogroups.com Sent: Fri,
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      That is so cool!

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      Hi Sue,

       I have found that the film on some cds scrapes off easier than others. I generally scratch the cd with something metal like a paint scraper or metal brush and then just start trying to peel it away. Putting it under running water helps and makes a real mess of the sink. I prepare them for the students before we start. I just keep my eyes out for old cds and sometimes I find those blank ones with no film on them.

      We use scribes and roulettes  to create the drypoint etchings

      I generally use rives bfk and graphic heavy weight papers

      I generally use water based block printing inks (such as speedball) with kids so the clean up is faster and easier, but use oil based myself (graphic chemical and faust) and with older students if we have the time for clean up. We apply the ink with a card as you would with any othr etching and wipe with tarlatan, q-tips and palms

      Any linear image works well. if the image needs heavier black areas you can work that out with wiping rather than  etching, kind of like monoprint.

      I've attached a couple of images of my work... I'm not sure if the attachments will make it through to the list.

      If you need a source for supplies one of my favorites is graphicchemial. com

      I hope this is helpful.


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      Subject: cd prints

      I saw your posting, and would like to know more information about the cd prints.....
      How do you scrape off the film from the cd?
      What do you etch the cd plastic with?
      What type of paper do you use with the press?
      What type of ink?
      What type of images - ie: is there a theme that you have found successful?
      I would love to see some examples if you have any images.
      Also, I accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong person asking these questions, and they would like to tknow the answers also.....so if possible, could you post a response to the list?
      Thanks so much!
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