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  • Jennifer Millward
    Thank you everyone for your advice and ideas! I ll find out in a few days if I get the position. Would be a huge opportunity for me but I digress. I ll be at
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      Thank you everyone for your advice and ideas! I'll find out in a few days if I get the position. Would be a huge opportunity for me but I digress. I'll be at two buildings throughout the week so it should be interesting trying to keep myself organized! Any thoughts for that?

      Portfolio/sketchbook preps look like the way to go for beginning of the year activities. I like the idea of drawing a self portrait on the cover to help personalize it...maybe even add their name in pop art or something.

      I love this group!
      Thanks again,
      Jen M.

      pent19 wrote:

      Last year was my first year K-6 and I was given about the same about of time to 'prep' as you were (I was very happy for the job, but extremely frustrated with the circumstances) . My room (cabinets and storage closets) were a disaster and I had no idea what I had for supplies until I hauled them out this summer. I managed to find the 12x18 paper during the school yearand that got me through. So my first thing would be to look at your supplies before you get set on a project that you can't do. Make sure you have enough paper/paint/ glue/etc to get through the projects (students use them quick and if you are teaching k-5 you are dealing with a lot of kids).
      Last year, I had the students draw a picture of the favorite thing they did this summer with their family and if old enough write 2 sentences about it. Let them use materials you are comfy with (markers, crayons, colored pencils). You can tell older students no stick figures or stick animals and to try their best. This lets you see the students drawing ability, prior knowledge (horizon lines, backgrounds, foreground, overlapping, etc), and any family issue you should be aware of (no father, lives with grandma, my cat died this summer, you would be amazed!) Spend time talking with them quietly and individually about their pictures to learn a bit about them. I held onto mine from last year and had them re-do the project with a sub later in the year to track their progress. It could be a project to do every year and keep track of. This year I am doing portfolios/sketchbo oks with them and plan on doing something similar as a previous poster know that I have an idea of my st udents, time it takes for them to complete something and projects I want to do
      Hope this helps!

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