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Hey everyone- Check out these HORSES!

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Linda Woods did my dream lesson on horses. Sometimes I honestly think we share the same brain....but she is way out west in Houston and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
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      Dear Art Educators,

      Linda Woods did my "dream lesson" on horses. Sometimes I honestly think we
      share the same brain....but she is way out west in Houston and I am in Lima,
      Ohio - so we just might be magically connecting -- who knows?
      Check the all in Lower School Gallery -- especially 3-1! Those are the

      Did all of you have a chance to see Linda's own Jewelry?
      Also see Oceans - those are new.

      Linda - I can't wait to send your student work to Beatrice so she can see
      that third graders find horses magical too. I guarantee she will write to
      you (let's see if I win this one?). Folks, Beatrice is the one who sent me
      my first New Year's Card --and it isn't even the year of the Horse (smile).
      I was so tickled to get it.

      I won't be doing a theme page for all animals -- Fish will come "soon" - I
      am still kicking myself in the rear for throwing away my paper mache fish!
      What an idiot! I could have just put another layer of paper mache on them
      and tweaked them into a dynamite lesson for you all...How about a fish
      trophy? A bird fish - and elephant fish? anything (Fish trophy I got that
      idea from another list member --that lesson idea to come, too). I could have
      painted them "in the style of" - I could have done any number of things
      with them....silly - silly me.....Now I will just have to make a new fish.
      Ah ha! Maybe in honor of "Forest Hunter" who passed away so suddenly? His
      brother Tiger is doing quite well (fortunately).

      Well...rambling on....Enjoy Linda's horses!


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      From: <lindwood@...>
      Subject: New work in the LS gallery

      > For those of you who were looking at the horses, I added another class
      > today. 3-1 Carousel Animals and Horses are the BEST ONES!!!! Ryan's
      > horse walking in front of fire is INCREDIBLE, as are many others in that
      > class. Isn't it weird sometimes how one class totally NAILS it? I also
      > added 3rd grade ocean watercolors. www.sjs.org, click on stories of
      > SJS, click on arts stories, click on Linda Woods if you are interested!
      > Linda Woods
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