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Re: [art_education] Help Gearing up for Back to School

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  • MJ Smith
    Very Good Point!!!  Thank You. Jennifer- Arkansas An idea is salvation by imagination. Frank Lloyd Wright ... From: kamla ravikumar
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 5, 2009
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      Very Good Point!!!  Thank You.

      Jennifer- Arkansas

      "An idea is salvation by imagination."
      Frank Lloyd Wright

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      From: kamla ravikumar <kamla_rk@...>
      Subject: [art_education] Help Gearing up for Back to School
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      Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 7:33 PM


      With the global recession and parents loosing jobs sometimes even homes....
      Children are going through a lot of stress emotionally and academically.
      They keep it all bottled up and only their close friends know their problems...very few parents are lucky to 'share' those problems.
      Art and music we all know are excellent stress busters which keep us company when we feel low .If we as art teachers can help these students by making art interesting and absorbing and help students to relieve that stress...... ..... we will be doing a great service to the next generation to come.
      I always wished there was no grading for art and we let students express themselves.

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