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For all of you Quote Collectors

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  • Judy Decker
    We have another Quote Collector among us - Katherine Douglas on Art Educators list...If anyone wants to jump over to get her posts first hand let me know. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      We have another Quote Collector among us - Katherine
      Douglas on Art Educators' list...If anyone wants to
      jump over to get her posts first hand let me know.

      I do pass on many of her "gems" to all lists.

      From Katherine:

      I am a collector of great quotes, or 'nuggets" as I
      call them. Here are a few that I had posted to our
      web log ("blog") whose web address follows my
      signature. Hope these can help in some way.

      "What does one want to `say' about what one has
      experienced? What is the point from which the work
      builds? Attention to such matters in classrooms is
      often neglected. One of the most important pedagogical
      tasks is to help students formulate something to say
      that matters to them."

      by Elliot W. Eisner
      New Haven: Yale University Press 2002
      P. 98:

      Many random quotes from George Szekely in his 1988
      College Press)

      " Professional artists take pride in discovering their
      own ideas for art, regarding innovation as essential
      and imitation as deadly."

      "The essential goal of art teaching is to inspire
      children to behave like artists--to try on the
      artist's role--to feel what it is to gather an art
      idea on one's own and act on it. The goal is to reveal
      to children that art comes from within themselves--not
      from the teacher. The goal is to demystify art, and
      assure children, through the teacher's deeds and
      words, that art is found in familiar places and
      ordinary environments, accessible
      to everyone. It is to bring children closer to
      art--nearer to themselves, to their own views and

      "...art is not like most other school subjects. Most
      subjects are primarily concerned with traditional
      knowledge; art making is concerned with making an
      original response to immediate experience."

      "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing
      its best, night and day, to make you like everybody
      else, is to fight the hardest battle any human being
      can fight, and never stop fighting." e.e. cummings
      (source unknown; I have had this quote forever)

      In (NAEA Fellow) Peter London's new book DRAWING
      CLOSER TO NATURE he states that "Art is a holistic
      language that is uttered from the mind, body and
      spirit. In this way, art is a perfect form of
      _expression with which to imagine, investigate,
      propose, and engage in a new word view...art and the
      creative process are seen as an entirely natural and
      universal method of forming meaning..." (p. 2)

      Kathy Douglas

      Judith - Who is now, thanks to Widow "Red" Bryant the
      Dollmaker - proud to be "Somebody's Weirdo". Here is
      my Widow "Red" Bryant quote.

      "Everybody is somebody else's weirdo."

      Don't know if all of the symbols will translate - but
      it is a wavey line.

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