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Re: First Day/Days Idea

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  • proff246810
    Very cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2009
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      Very cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Christy" <branhams@...> wrote:
      > I took a picture with my digital camera of everyone on staff at our school and had the pictures developed. It was just a head shot of our staff members. On the back of each picture I had written a number, then put them all face down in a box. Students were given an 8 X 10" piece of white drawing paper and as I walked around the room had to draw out a picture of someone without looking at the photo). Once the drew it out of the box they could look at it. Their assignment was to put the number of the person they were drawing on the back of their drawing paper, and then to draw a portrait of the person that they drew out of the box of pictures. They started with pencil drawing, then once finished with that used crayons to color the entire picture- even the background. I did this for the first week of class (I have the same groups of kids K-5 all week, then the next week a new group of kids, then another group of kids for the next week. After that we start the rotation all over). After I had done this with all of my classes, I took all of the papers and sorted them according to the numbers on the back of the completed papers. After this, I paper clipped them together and put the stacks of portraits in each teacher's mailbox (for example if Mrs. Branham had number 3 on the back of her photo, all #3's were given to Mrs. Branham to pick from). The teachers then had to chose their favorite picture to be displayed up at the office on a bulletin board displaying all of the staff members and their names/grades they teach. The teachers and kids loved it!!!
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