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Re: window craft question

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  • Brandy
    ... There are some great fake stain glass paints that do very well when not exposed to direct sunlight, so the window she s talking about would be perfect.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2009
      > July 7, 2009
      > I recently purchased 2 used wooden window sashes. They are 9 pane about
      > 19X36". My question is how can I decorate the glass on the
      > window? I thought of maybe buying a poster of a beach scene etc and cutting
      > it out to fit the panes . Or maybe painted fake stained glass?

      There are some great fake stain glass paints that do very well when not exposed to direct sunlight, so the window she's talking about would be perfect. There are several name brands. The kind I've used before has been Gallery Glass by Plaid. You buy a black "leader" and then fill it in with whatever color you want. You can make fairly realistic looking stain glass by swirling the opaque colors with a translucent color. They are all translucent except when they say "opaque" right on the bottle. She can also buy pre-done black leading outlines and do it that way. Practice on a spare piece of glass first, it will give her much more confidence. I also suggest making sure the paint drys slowly. It cracks if it dries to quickly, which is why I've always done this craft with my kids in the winter. But just keeping it indoors in constant temperatures is good. Doing it so it can dry overnight is also an option.

      >if I were > to buy a poster or print to put behind the glass should I just tape the > whole picture to the back of the window or cut the poster into 9 squares for > the 9 panes? And if I did that would I use decoupage glue or tape?
      The problem she could run into with putting the glue on the glass is if there are any air bubbles at all, it will show up, and show up noticeably, when the glue dries. It can be done but the piece should be a tiny bit smaller , like an 1/16 of an inch smaller, all the way around. She should use a squeegee and make sure the picture is completely flat to the glass. Rolling it into place would be the best bet.
      Another option is to cut the poster to size and than cut matboard that she can pres into place from behind. Again a mat board should be cut 1/16 to 1/8 larger all the way around so it will create a flat support for the poster and she wouldn't have to glue it to the glass. This also always her to change the poster out more often, have one for summer and another for winter. She can tape the mat board into place or hot glue it if she doesn't intend to change it at all. I do caution if this is a shower bathroom then it could get moisture in between the layers of poster and glass and warp the poster. Sometimes that happens.
      The glue would prevent that, but your much more likely to get unsightly air bubbles. Pros and cons, cons and pros.

      Good luck,

      > I have always wanted to put a "window" in the bathroom but I am kind of
      > stuck.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
      > ~ Wanda
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