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RE: [art_education] messy room and murals

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  • Kelli Wilke
    My last day of school is spent with my classes cleaning my room from top to bottom.  I think it s good for them to see how messy it really can get.  Plus,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 2009
      My last day of school is spent with my classes cleaning my room from top to bottom.  I think it's good for them to see how messy it really can get.  Plus, they have end of the year "parties" it seems like for the entire last week of school anyway, so a little hard work won't hurt them.  They clean out cupboards and reorganize everything.  It takes each class about 20 minutes to get their assigned jobs done and then they have game time for the remainder 30 minutes, and by the end of the day my room is clean.  It also gives me a chance to remember what I have stored away.  I wouldn't do it any other way!
      Kelli in NE

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      That sounds just like my room. I'm not alone. :) At the end of the year, after the kids had gone, I began my cleaning which is really quite a process. One teacher commented (to me) that it looked like a bomb went off in my room. I told her it would be all in order by the end of the day. It was and she was shocked. I put everything back in it's place so during cleanup, all my tubs come out onto the tables and everything that has been misplaced, is put back where it belongs. I ask myself what I want to come back to the next year. Then go from there. I actually start several weeks before cleaning and sorting. It's a big job and I have a few students help too. Whenever I clean up, even at home, there's always a storm before the calm. :)

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      Hi Dan, over the years I have had many in admin come by my room and look uncomfortable. They can't believe how I manage to work in the mess that seems to migrate around the room, depending on what we are doing. When I notice someone looking uncomfortable I say - welcome to the land of creativity - to get there we have to make a mess! If the room was very neat and tidy it would be a math class ( not when I taught math though) and not alot of creating would be getting done. I had a colleague whose room was tidy but his students spent 4 months on one pencil drawing ! and alot of off topic chatting- he left on time everyday and had a tidy room. My most uncomfortable admin would wince everytime he came in my room but I just took it as his personal hangup - i would just start explaining what we were doing in our lesson and low and behold - he listened and would talk to others about the great things we did and would always be very complimentary at the end of year show.
      Good luck with the mural - i did mine on large canvases so we could do one each year and then move them around the school - it is a great activity for older kids at the end of the year.
      Catharine in Hong Kong

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      > I had an interesting experience at the end of this school year. My principle was doing my final checkout and she came into my room to see if I had accomplished all the checkout tasks. She looked around the room and I'm sure she noticed the paint on all the walls, the floor, and I don't know what else. To me it looked clean. I had removed all the drawings/paintings from the walls and windows and had completely cleaned and reorganized the room. All she could say was, "I wonder if all art rooms look like this at the end of the school year.." It wasn't a compliment. After reading this thread, I'm thinking of asking her to let me have the kids paint some of their wonderful artwork on the walls. Won't that be fun! I'm thinking of using an acrylic paint. Is that the best?
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