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Re: [art_education] Good Books For Art Starters- Elementary Level

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    I m taking a little break from writing at this time, but I have a couple of books I m supposed to do in the next year or two. One will be (title unknown) my
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      I'm taking a little break from writing at this time, but I have a couple of books I'm supposed to do in the next year or two. One will be (title unknown) my "favorite art ideas" with essays and stories about real kids and real experiences with the projects, plus the activities themselves with materials and directions, etc. I am currently spending more time in classrooms being motivated by children. They are what makes my artistic clock tick.

      Sorry the list in the last email turned out to be so BIG...the font I used was much smaller and there were no spaces between lines. It kind of grew when it went through the email listserv.  :o)

      I hope that if you need some art ideas to go with children's books, you will go to my website -- and go to "Free Activities", and then click on anything that says "Storybook Art". There are quite a few samples from the book to share for anyone who is interested.

      Thank you for your kind words!!
      PS My favorite has always been "Scribble Art", but my new favorite is "Great American Artists for Kids"...again, free pages from it on my website. Lots of them!
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      MaryAnn Kohl

      On Feb 20, 2009, at 8:07 PM, Suzette Milam-Morrow wrote:


      I have used your site for ideas, thanks. I also have used your books. The preschool art book is my favorite. Are you working on any new ones?


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      Check my website for a few ideas with art starter books from the book "Storybook Art"... www.brightring. com

      Here is a partial list of the books and corresponding art ideas featured in the book to give you an idea.


      ............ ......... ......... ......... ..

      13        Chapter 1:  Paint

       14       Molly Bang     Molly Bang     When Sophie Gets Angry      

      Color Outline  Paint    **        

       15       Robert Bender Robert Bender TheA toZBeastlyJamboree        

      Acetate Layers            Paint    ***      ••

       16       Eric Carle       Bill Martin, Jr.            Brown Bear, Brown Bear      

      Multi Paint Picture     Paint / Cut-Collage     **        

       17       Donald Crews Donald Crews Carousel         

      Motion Effect Paint    **        

       18       Ian Falconer    Ian Falconer    Olivia 

      Jackson Piglet Wall Painting Paint    *          ••

       19       Don Freeman  Don Freeman  Corduroy        

      Corduroy Print Bear   Paint / Cut-Collage  / Draw    *          ••

       20       Wanda Gág     Wanda Gág     Millions of Cats        

      Cat & Mouse Prints    Paint / Print    **        ••

       21       Stephen Gammell       Stephen Gammell       Is that You, Winter?  

      Winter Mist    Paint / Draw    *          ••

       22       Barbara Garrison        Marc Harshman          Only One       

      Collagraph      Paint / Glue-Collage   ***      ••

      Others...... .. through page 38


       39       Chapter 2:  Draw

       40       Jim Arnosky   Dale Fife         The Empty  Lot          

      Border Extension        Draw   *          

       41       Muriel Batherman      Jan Garten       The Alphabet Tale     

      See Through Scribbles           Draw / Cut-Collage    **        

       42       Patrick Benson           Martin Waddell          Owl Babies    

      Cross-Hatch & Stipple           Draw   **        

       43       Marvin Bileck Julian Scheer  Rain Makes Applesauce        

      Fancy Words  Draw   **        

       44       Jan Brett         Jan Brett         Goldilocks and the Three Bears        

      Behind the Scene        Draw   **        

       45       Virginia Lee Burton    Virginia Lee  Burton   The Little House        

      Four Square Seasons  Draw   **        

       46       Donald Crews Donald Crews Ten Black Dots          

      Spot Dots        Draw / Cut-Collage    *          

      Others...through page 64


       65       Chapter 3:  Cut/Collage

       66       Barbara Cooney          Barbara Cooney          Miss Rumphius         

      Realistic Lupine         Cut-Collage  / Paint / Print    **        ••

       67       David Diaz      Eve Bunting    Smoky Night 

      Mixed Collage Story  Cut-Collage  / Draw   **        ••

       68       Dorothy Donohue       Dorothy Donohue       Veggie Soup  

      Paper Collage Cut-Collage  / Draw   **        ••

       69       Lois Ehlert      Lois Ehlert

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