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art following the ice storm - artist suggestions?

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  • Patti Brigman
    Greetings to all, A bit last minute here, but ya ll are good at that, I know. I ve had no internet access for the past 5 days (just got back online today) and
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      Greetings to all,
      A bit last minute here, but ya'll are good at that, I know.  I've had no internet access for the past 5 days (just got back online today) and no electricity for 3 of those days, otherwise I would've asked sooner.  I am in northwest Arkansas and we are beginning to chainsaw our way out of the worst ice storm anyone can remember.  We go back to school tomorrow after being out since last Monday afternoon.  Many people are still without power.  There has been millions of dollars worth of damage in this area and, saddest of all, every large tree throughout our local towns and forests (Ozarks) has been either damaged or destroyed from the ice.  My neighborhood looks like a hurricane came through...an ice hurricane.   
      I know my students are going to need to do some serious venting and have adjusted my lessons accordingly.  I am going to let them paint a scene from their experience in the storm.  I expect this will take 3-4 weeks.  I'd love any suggestions for art done in similar situations, also any artist suggestions would be appreciated.  We will begin by discussing and then sketching out our ideas.  Next week the paint comes out.  I have several bottles of the Crayola additive stuff (Pearl-It and Glitter-It) that I want to use with this lesson.  I've never used it before, so could use some advice on how best to deal with that.  Should I go ahead and mix the paint or let them do it?  I understand it can also be painted on top, but am thinking that might use too much.
      Anyways, I know I've asked for more than one bit of advice here...ya'll do always come through for me, though.  Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.
      Patti Brigman
      Art Teacher
      Walker Elementary
      Shaw Elementary
      Springdale, Arkansas


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