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Re: Mosaics- Suggestions Needed

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  • Brandy
    I do mosaics with my students every other year. We ve done two projects. One is a tribit (hotplate for the dinner table) and we use a special cement grout
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      I do mosaics with my students every other year. We've done two
      projects. One is a tribit (hotplate for the dinner table) and we use
      a special cement grout mix from Home depot. Lowe's will tell you that
      cement and grout do not come mixed together adn no such product exists
      int he world, but Home depot has it. It's a bit expensive compared to
      traditional cement or grout, but it is wet and premixed and lasts
      forever! The advantage, and why I use it is, we use flat glass marbles
      (which I get from Micheal's arts and crafts, but you can also get form
      the the dollar tree and other discount chains) and you don't have to
      grout it after its adhered to the cement. If you had to do that, you
      would virtually lose all your design as the grout would come over the
      rounded edges and eclipse it. I try really hard to get the bags of
      marbles for .99 or less.
      To do this, you will need about two and half bags per person for
      an 8x8 sized wood flat. I use cheap or scrap wood and cut them
      square, have the kids sand the edges some, more for a finished look
      and than add duct tape 360 around the wood. I add the grout/cement to
      the board with a floor trowel about 1/4 inch thick and let the kids
      work out their designs. Here are a few class examples. I think they
      look better in person than they do here but you get the idea.
      http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=31846. These were
      made by kids in k-8th grade. You can tell who the younger and older
      kids are by their design structure so you might be able to guess how
      well your students will do. To finish them off, we just painted the
      wood black on the edges, or I told the parents how to add molding on
      their own. That could be something you could make part of your class
      The project after grout/cement, marbles and wood cost me just under
      $4 a student. We also done reverse method mosaics which take longer
      but work well if you need or want a flat surface and are using lots of
      different width tiles. You draw your design out and glue the piece
      face done to heavy paper, ex. butcher paper, and then flip it over on
      the flat surface that has cement on it. Press it into place, not too
      hard, and than wait a day. Then use a hot water to help separate the
      paper from the tiles. Grout and treat. This is how I did mosaics
      when I did them, because I used lots of different tiles sizes. Be
      sure to get a cement that holds your tiles. You may have to get a
      mixed purpose or all purpose cement that holds porous and nonporous
      materials depending on what your tiles are. If you get a cement that
      needs porous tiles and you add plate pieces, it will simply fall out
      over time.
      Have fun!

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "mmurray5550" <egfmary@...> wrote:
      > I have been asked to teach a parent/child Mosaic class (actually middle
      > school kids with any adult). It will be four sessions (2 hours each)
      > and it has a sizeable supply budget (about $20.00 per)...
      > I am looking for suggestions-
      > Any help would be appreciated!
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