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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators.... I won t always post these needs -- just when they are important. Obviously Kevan - what IAD needs most is someone who can type without
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2004
      Dear Art Educators....

      I won't always post these needs -- just when they are
      important. Obviously Kevan - what IAD needs most is
      someone who can type without typos (LOL). Folks -
      Kevan and I grade our OWN posts now so no one else has
      a need to -- silly us.

      The next need right now is for the Webmaster (me) to
      get "off the hook" for some list promises -- just for
      a short time. The next lesson that I get on the site
      will be from a dollmaker Silkie Whitebear. She sent it
      to me FREE - I didn't have to do anything for it
      (smiles). I don't even have a link for her work yet as
      she isn't on line. You bet I'll send it to you when
      she is. Folks EVERY lesson that is sent to me DOES get
      on the site. I am just slow at doing the web work. You
      have no idea how many my mistakes I catch and have to
      correct (smiles).

      Now for YOUR needs (Yippy! Dolls IS there!)

      - 9 for "mask"
      Search this archives for Masks - or email me off list
      at Jdecker@... and I will send you all of my

      - 5 for "egypt" - see Ancient Civilizations

      - 5 for "stained glass" - see Age of Discovery page
      - I do have a Delphi lesson plan page
      I will NOT link these lessons up unless a teacher uses
      them. Please let me know if any of you are remotely
      interested in them. Precious Metal Clay IS linked --
      just not done (thanks Bill!).

      - 4 for "clay" - See ceramics page - and ceramics
      lessons. I rarely call them clay lessons....many
      ceramics lessons are adaptable to air dry clay. I do
      score and slip a bit when working with air dry clay
      too and have very little problem with them falling

      - 3 for "artist statement" - a Getty member was
      going to supply this.

      - 3 for "color and design" - Gosh many lessons and
      color symbolism page -- See Edible Color Wheel lesson.

      - 3 for "dolls" - lesson to come - see crafts

      - 3 for "first grade"
      I don't list lessons for a specific grade - that is
      for you to adapt. I put elementary. I find that many
      lessons can cross grades and even grade levels. How
      might you adapt an elementary lesson for high school?
      I can't wait to see what Linda's "Room with a View"
      brings to IAD.

      - 3 for "metal tooling"
      I am waiting for the lesson that inspired all of my
      surfing before I put on all of my links. Maybe it will

      - 3 for "multicultural" - can't list them all(smile)

      I will try to get caught up on everything this summer
      since I fell so far behind when I took a tw week
      break-- then I lost my machine for a month... I am not
      doing the survey again. There is no need for one. I
      know now what is really needed. I do appreciate each
      and every one who replied. I'll never run out of
      things to do (smiles). IAD owes you folks.

      I will only post these results when I know it is
      someone on the list who is searching. Remember - Files
      for Sharing are not all linked up. If those files
      interest you -and you do not want to download - just
      make your own IAD folder like many others do.
      The only files I am taking off right now are Melissa's
      since those are not lesson plans yet. I will add them
      back when I turn them into plans.

      Blessings to you all! (that greeting was due since Joe
      hasn't posted in a while). It is a GOOD thing Bunki
      came back or I would have had to "Toodle" you.


      Judith Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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