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Re: [art_education] Permission to Publish Woes - IAD CAN HELP

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  • Renah Bell
    Judy, You are not good. You are GREAT!!! Renah ... From: Judy Decker To: art education ;
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2004
      You are not good. You are GREAT!!!
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 2:24 PM
      Subject: [art_education] Permission to Publish Woes - IAD CAN HELP

      > Dear Art Educators,
      > I have already sent a few dollmakers head rolling (smile - no not
      really --
      > I didn't really cut off their heads - I am just NOT promoting them in any
      > way on the lists - or my site). Here is my NEW Policy. Before I post a
      > contemporary artist to the list - or link to IAD or my site I will get
      > permission to use images in PowerPoint (for your own classroom use) FIRST.
      > None of you will have to spend hundreds of hours writing letters. We have
      > given one artist lots of praise on our lists -- way to much praise. One
      > teacher wrote to him and he will NOT let her use an image of his work in
      > PowerPoint. Now if it were me - I would put it in there anyways and tell
      > kids I was not allowed to do it - and say may lightning stike me now if I
      > did wrong....but I know Cathy will not be naughty. (this artist was really
      > nasty to her)
      > Since these posts do not come up in seach engines - here is his name -
      > go there......LOL everyone what comes up first? our Getty posts!
      > http://www.getty.edu/artsednet/hm/Oct03/0933.html
      > http://www.thecrayonartist.com/ JEFFREY ROBERT
      > Shame on him! I never remember his name - I just enter crayon artist in
      > Google. I guess dear Jeffrey will have to write to Getty to have our
      > offfensive posts removed.
      > Here is my Getty post:
      > YES there is somthing WE can do! and I will get
      > started on it immediately. I will write to the Crayon
      > artist - and tell him I sadly had to remove all of the
      > links to his site....I will tell him I will also
      > request the Getty archives remove our posts of praise
      > for his work. I know Getty won't do that - but he
      > doesn't need to know that.
      > Art TEACHERS UNITE! Onward March! Put JUDITH RICHER
      > DECKER into action (I am your Soldier! Richer is my
      > maiden name and that is powerful soldier in German).
      > Use my site and IAD - if you contact any artist - or
      > any site - that I have links and they will NOT give
      > you permission to use an image. I will remove their
      > links. That is all I can do....but at least it is a
      > start. THEN - from now on - before I post an artist -
      > or site. I will get permission to use images in YOUR
      > PowerPoints FIRST before posting to the lists. Folks I
      > am "good" (smile) I always get permission for the ones
      > I really want.
      > Folks NEVER mention that Crayon artist name again on
      > our list - we do not want his name coming up in
      > searches praising him.
      > THANK YOU for helping my "cause" for 2004!
      > "Marching as to War" (giggles) 2004 looks to be a good year for Art Ed....
      > Judy Decker - Ohio
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