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  • Pam
    Judy sings my praises far too loudly. Let me clarify that Nancy Walkup and I co-authored Bridging the Curriculum through Art and the Crystal Production
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 5:56 PM
      Judy sings my praises far too loudly.

      Let me clarify that Nancy Walkup and I co-authored "Bridging the Curriculum
      through Art" and the Crystal Production Interdisciplinary Take-5 study
      prints. These were not one-person shows. I'm not quite that bright!

      I was very lucky to meet Nancy when we were both working on terminal degrees
      (doesn't that sound awful?) at the University of North Texas and then later
      I joined Nancy as a project coordinator for the North Texas Institute for
      Educators on the Visual Arts (NTIEVA).

      Now the tessellation book I wrote solo. It is illustrated by my good
      friend, Jim McNeill. I am also responsible for the "Dropping in on" series
      of children's books and videos that Crystal Productions produces. Jim
      animates those as well. We do these projects entirely online. Thank you,
      Judy, for mentioning the awards and potential award. The Rousseau video
      took an entire 18 months to create and it is rewarding to see it being
      received so well.

      If you want a hoot, check out Jim's online movies at
      http://www.jimmcneill.com/. For all you cat lovers out there, "Lap Dance"
      is a video about a tough guy and his kitty. My favorite of the videos he
      has online.

      So, who am I? I teach art education courses at Northern Arizona University
      (Flagstaff) and live in fabulous Sedona. I have recently moved here from
      Texas where I worked at the University of North Texas as well as several
      public school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I was at the right
      place at the right time and served as a mentor in the "Transforming
      Education through the Arts Challenge", a national school reform project
      underwritten largely by the Getty and the Annenberg Foundation. My own
      graduate studies focused upon assessment in the arts and museum education.

      And thank you, Judy, for a sweet -- if not exaggerated -- introduction to
      this group.

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