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A Call to those in Higher Education (Ken and all too)

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  • Judy Decker
    This is a message for those in Higher Education (others - meet Pam Stephens) I would like for those of you are on this list to help solve art education
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      This is a message for those in Higher Education (others - meet Pam Stephens)

      I would like for those of you are on this list to help solve art education
      problems with your students - and to improve art education instruction - to
      come out of hiding and just say what school you teaching. Introduce
      yourselves. Bill - are you still with us? What all do you teach?

      Pam Stephens has joined this list - she is a "famous" author (in my book). I
      bought her Tessellation book (that she did with Jim McNeill) and wanted the
      Bridging The Curriculum Through Art book (I wanted the school to buy that
      one). Pam is now authoring a middle school text. I have just got to see that
      one when it comes out! Pam told me years ago to write a book on art
      education. I told her to take my ideas and for HER to write the book. If I
      don't see some of my "words of wisdom" - rewritten of course - my feelings
      will be hurt (smile). I know no one would buy a book I wrote - but they will
      buy hers. Pam and I think so much a like on so many things. She is just a
      whole lot better at writing it down. Her art ed student are lucky to have

      Pam is also "famous" for art print set collections through Crystal
      Productions....but I suppose her shining accomplishment is the Dropping In
      Video series. The first one "Dropping In on Rousseau" has been a favorite of
      art teachers all over the country. It has won the bronze award at the
      Houston Film awards and now moves on to New York - Keep you fingers crossed
      for Pam and Henri:

      Last Year Dropping in on Matisse came out --and now she is working on
      Picasso. Pam is filling a need for quality kid oriented videos - long over
      for Art Education. Be sure and give you list to Crystal Productions for more
      you would like to see. Pam will never be able to retire (smile).

      I thought this would be a good time to post this- Ken asked me who Pam was -
      I said she was Famous.... Is there anyone else famous on this list who would
      care to say hello?

      Pam - the blush looks good on you if you are reading this. Ken asked me
      who you were - I thought everyone would like to know. (Pam - see the P.S.)

      Always "Judy" to this list (don't let the Judith confuse you - that is my
      Getty name - and I use it when I talk to all three lists).

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department

      P.S. Pam be sure to "chime in" when you have something to share....clang a
      few cymbals, too - and pound some drums. Folks the "chime in" is Getty list
      humor...sorry for the private joke. I am just warning you that if you ask
      me/us to chime in at 3:00 am sometime and I am awake reading my mail. I may
      clang some cymbals to wake everyone up. Chuckles to all. I clanged some
      cymbals on ArtsEducators list the other night - I did have a great post.
      Her post came through at 3:00 am honestly. So I had fun! I was up looking at
      doll sites. I'm still not done with them all.
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