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Permission to publish - needs revision

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Something needs to be done to tweak this permission to publish for art educators and teachers all around the country. I did an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      Something needs to be done to tweak this "permission
      to publish" for art educators and teachers all around
      the country. I did an experiment.... I spent two days
      trying to get permission to publish one image in a
      PowerPoint - just to show kids....and I still have not
      heard back from the dollmaker. She sent me her link -
      I found an image I wanted to share with you. I spent
      about half an hour writing a very nice email of
      praise. I sent her an email - and it was bounced. Not
      an existing email address. I posted my letter to the
      Dollmakers' list as they (some of them - not all) want
      me/us to get permission to use any image from their
      sites. In my P.S. I told them how much time I had
      spent already and asked how much more time I should
      spend? The artist did not answer my post -- but
      someone else did - with a basically "till hell freezes
      over" (not in those exact words) - "you can not show
      that image - find another one" (those were exact
      words). Well.... I know it will be impossible to find
      another image that fits exactly the idea I wanted to
      share with you - so you will never see that
      dollmaker's name - or web site - at least not from me.

      I promptly unsubscibed from that list. That is all it
      took. Several on that list do not value the time of a
      teacher. I have MANY wonderful names and sites to
      share with you who do--and will soon get those doll
      artists out to you.

      When you really want to use an image on a site - and
      want to ask permission. My method DOES work with sites
      you really do want to use. I write a letter and tell
      them to only reply if it is NOT OK with them. I tell
      them if I don't hear from them I assume it is OK to
      show the image. I have used this method since 1999
      since I found it was impossible to get a reply back
      giving permission to use an image. I got more
      wonderful replies back sending me their blessings and
      well wishes with that kind of letter (telling them I
      valued their time).

      So those of you who are hung up on copyright and don't
      want to make a PowerPoint with getting permission to
      use images - try my method. I will only give you doll
      sites that have given you permission to show images in

      What can we do folks to make things easier for
      teachers? You folks don't have days to wait around....



      Honestly - I did not write letters for every image in
      my PowerPoints - nor did I have time to list my
      sources all the time. I only did for the ones when I
      was trying to show kids the "right way" to do things.
      You'll never see my PowerPoints because they are not
      "right". I may finish the two that are some day....

      Judith Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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