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Aw, gee... Love you ALL

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  • Judy Decker
    Hi Ken and Renah - and anyone else who choses to read, I read everything Renah posts, too....and I even haven t gotten Ken s Aw, gee yet (smile). My mail
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2004
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      Hi Ken and Renah - and anyone else who choses to read,

      I read everything Renah posts, too....and I even haven't gotten Ken's "Aw,
      gee" yet (smile). My mail does funny things at times and doesn't send me
      everything. I imagine I will get Ken's soon.

      This will make you all smile folks. My Boss (Ken) pays me with Praise and
      Gratitude - Understanding and Respect. I don't work for money.
      Ken gives me something I never got from a "Boss" -- and you folks pay me
      with Respect. That is something I didn't get from my co-workers. That is
      worth a WHOLE lot more to me than money. Somethings money just can not buy.
      When people ask me "what do you do?" What is you job? I tell them this:
      I am am Art Consultant to four art educations list serves. I am an art
      educators a Master teachers and a Webmaster for two Art Education sites. I
      don't tell them I work for FREE. LOL at me! Too many people in the world
      judge you by how much money you make. Isn't this world screwed up?
      Open my wallet and you will see my collection of Chinese fortunes!
      someday I will share them with you so you can be as rish as I am (ha-ha).

      Here is wishing money falls out of the sky for Ken Rorher today. I deserve a
      miracle for all the emails I have forwared. I never got my miracle the last
      time (smile) But I know someone elee did - it is just too funny. The person
      who forwared the email to my friend did. I counted back four days --and the
      worlld needs to thank her because one th fourth day - Sadaam was found and
      captured. My friend never told me what her miracle was and I never forwared
      the email. I just saved it because it was a "good one".

      OK everyone -- say a little prayer today - it is SUNDAY! and you are allowed
      to pray on SUNDAY.


      P.S. This is something else I like about you folks...I had some list members
      on this group think I was "nuts". Rather than posting to the list - you
      folks emailed me privately and we "talked" about what I am doing and why.
      You folks never complained about my spelling or my choice of words. I don't
      like my posts to be "graded" (to the list, that is) -- I'll never leave Art
      Education list. Pam S. - if you see this - now you know some of my
      frustrations with that other list - but Incredible Art Department needs that
      list - so I will stay there, too....and you can see why I asked you to stay
      with us. Teach your students the importance of respect - a little goes a
      long way.

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      From: "Renah Bell" <renah@...>
      Subject: Re: [art_education] Aw, gee...

      > Ken,
      > I've been an admirer of yours since I first found you, a couple of years
      > ago, on the internet. You have incouraged me and given me great material
      > you certainly picked a terriffic successor.
      > Thank you for everything!!! Art teachers need to have a community and you
      > created one.
      > Renah Bell

      From Ken:
      > > Judy,
      > >
      > > You are too much! Now if I can just get a boss myself who likes me as
      > > much as you who is willing to pay me big bucks!
      > > Ken Rohrer
      > > List "Nanny"
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