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  • Judy Decker
    (Thanks Jill! - this is going to be FUN! - your link is added. Jill - don t reply to this - this is my Art Ed list address - continue to use my Road Runner)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004
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      (Thanks Jill! - this is going to be FUN! - your link
      is added. Jill - don't reply to this - this is my Art
      Ed list address - continue to use my Road Runner)

      Dear Art Educators,

      I am afraid I will have less time to help you all now
      (smile). I joined the Dollmakers list - just to
      lurk....and already I have one more site to add to my
      list of dollmakers. I know I'll be adding a whole new
      page to my site:
      (scroll down to Puppets - Marionettes - Dolls)

      First of all - someone has to buy this so I won't -
      Perfect for the New Year!

      Folks...just take a moment to explore...Just think of
      all the content you can get in when you do a unit on
      dollmaking....Cultures ...Character development
      (Character Counts!)...Universla
      See Jill's Dolls:

      I'm telling you - even the BOYS liked making dolls!
      Honest!(I'm talking middle school here). I can share
      you a real funny story if you want.
      Here is Jill's home page:
      Jill Nemirow-Nelson Originals
      Jill Nemirow-Nelson Originals
      Is is a duh for you OOAKS = One of a kind originals
      (it took me a few seconds to figure that one out --I'm
      a bit slow today).

      I'm going to keep you folks guessing what other dolls
      I "purchased" from her today (not really - hubby would
      have a fit -smile - I have no room for another doll- I
      need a bigger house)...Here is a clue, I am big on
      Chinese Fortunes, too.

      Rachel - join the Dollmakers list and learn! I am so
      excited about this. http://www.dollmaking.org/ (Judy
      S. recommended it)

      Folks - with each new Dollmaker site I add - I will
      give you the artist's email address in the cc so you
      can "talk" with them and make arrangements to buy your
      treasure to use with your dollmaking unit (here is
      Jill's MicroJill@...).



      Judith Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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