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Re: after school art for parents/families

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  • MaryAnn Kohl
    I ve done it. It s fun, but one thing that happens is the parents start doing the art FOR the child, as in, moving the child s hands away so the parent can
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2008
      I've done it. It's fun, but one thing that happens is the parents start doing the art "FOR" the child, as in, moving the child's hands away so the parent can make the art "better" or show the child something. So i had to instigate a "hands-off kids' work"...  One of the most successful things was for the child to make the art, and the parents were assigned a job making a frame or decorating a mat for the child's art. That way, they both had something to do, but the parents was not working over the child's creation. The younger the child, the more the parent wants to take over. I'd be happy to share more ideas if this is something people want to know about, but I'm also very curious about what other people have done.

      Also: Murals and group projects are fun.


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      On Aug 30, 2008, at 4:17 PM, terimcclain wrote:

      I was wondering if anyone out there has done this kind of art "make and 
      take" for families and children after school or on Sat??? I wanted to 
      do this at my school, something where parents and children could come 
      and make art together and take it home. If you've done this or seen it 
      done somewhere, I would appreciate any info you would be willing to 
      share. Thanks 
      Teri Elem. Art Teacher

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