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art on a cart

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  • Kellie Determan
    I was just hired to teach on a cart at a K-8 school that has about 475 students. As a new teacher who is about to begin, I don t have as much experience as
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      I was just hired to teach on a cart at a K-8 school that has about 475 students. As a new teacher who is about to begin, I don't have as much experience as others. My student teaching experience was on a cart in a school of the same size that had 35 minutes for each specials class once a week. While there, we used the hall way to dry wet/gluey work, going back to pick it up within an hour or so. The kind of painting we did was very limited because of the carpet, so watercolor markers on paper that was like coffee filters worked well and dried quick. My 3-D projects were created so that the students could do final assembly in one class period. The problem here was that it took forever to get through an assignment. 

      Though limited by time and space, the students looked forward to the various materials they got to explore while we were in their class. The bright side of this situation was they were in their seats and ready to begin when we walked in the room. Make an effort to befriend the teachers, show up at their meetings, don't be afraid to ask them in advance for their help when it comes to drying a project. Promise, and keep it about returning to collect the work at the end of the day. When I did this as a student-teacher, they went out of their way to make me part of their community. I also experienced the opposite in the second school I student taught in. My cooperating teacher was a loner, knew just a few teachers didn't attend meetings or go out of her way to be part of the learning community and the teachers showed her little respect or cooperation.

      I guess art-on-a-cart is what you make it. At my new job, I wrote all the teachers a letter of introduction and a short synopse about my philosophy and what they might expect. I included how I would communicate with the parents and asked them for their support. I went on to tell them I am respectful of their space and will take the time to clean up. I noted that I would need their help and am open for suggestions. The first day is next Wednesday and I'm looking forward to this new path in life.
      ~ Kellie
      K-8 in Michigan


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