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African Art - project ideas - need more

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  • Judy Decker
    (Michal - if you see this - What did you use for game pieces for mancala - buttons? marbles? glass blobs? beads? stones? seeds? Mancala is a great math
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      (Michal - if you see this - What did you use for game
      pieces for mancala - buttons? marbles? glass blobs?
      beads? stones? seeds? Mancala is a great math strategy

      Dear Art Educators,

      African Art Project ideas has come up on ArtsEducators
      list. I am anticipating searches on IAD for ideas. I
      think I will put an idea page out quickly with just
      links to ideas - and your "blurbs" -then worry about
      making the page better later.

      ArtsEducators list is looking for ideas for South
      Africa - anyone have some to share?

      Here are some ideas from Michal Austin:
      How about having your kinders make anasazi spiders
      with cut paper? She has an example on her site that
      she did with 1st grade -

      She also did several lessons with 5th grade:

      Here is Betsy Larson's Kente lesson idea:
      She has used Kente Cloth examples for first grade to
      then create their own painted design. Emphasis on
      line, pattern, repetition. You could incorporate
      color scheme as well. The kids would develop a
      patterned design and paint them on 12x18. I would have
      kids draw out lines in a grid (large) to help
      them keep their designs in a pattern that repeats.
      With kinders, we didn't do grid first, just painted
      the pattern using different kinds of lines.
      These painted patterns are then use to clothe the
      village residents in a class mural.
      The kente lesson is just like the Navajo rug/blanket
      lesson. She adapts it to incorporate a more complex
      way to think about pattern and repetition for her
      students. Some years she uses the Kente with both
      kinders and first- some years she just does Navajo
      with kinders. She has already done it this year- right
      before Thanksgiving because of a story that they use
      with the lesson. she has a picture here on this page.

      Betsy is going to look and see if she has some
      close-ups. Betsy did give templates for the figures -
      but you wouldn't have to. The village lesson would be
      great to teach culture, adornment, architecture -
      values of the people and more.

      Jeryl's Foil People and African Animal Batik would
      also be good:

      Post successful ideas you have done and I will add
      them to the African Art Theme page.

      African art is one of my "passions" - if I ask you for
      a lesson plan from your unit - don't take offense....
      I am just doing "my job" (smile).

      Folks I did notice that Madafo's CD is now sold out -
      check back to see when they have more in stock - got
      to Great Sites:
      I did check and Greg Percey still has some available
      as does Steve. Make storytelling and music part of
      your program.


      P.S. If anyone is interested in doing a Kente cloth
      lesson - let me know (Jdecker@...) - I have
      something for you.

      Judith Decker
      Incredible Art Department
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