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Free Toddler to College Fall 2008 Lesson Plans, Activities and More...

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    Fun Filled Autumn Lessons, Activities, Recipes and Crafts There are two ways to access all of the links. First, you can visit
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      Fun Filled Autumn Lessons, Activities, Recipes and Crafts

      There are two ways to access all of the links. First, you can visit
      http://www.amonco.org/montessori_fall_handson.html or visit
      http://montessori21stcentury.wordpress.com or visit

      Autumn is just around the corner, and the AMC 2008 Fall Hands On Newsletter is filled
      with ideas to help make Autumn 2008 truly meaningful for the children in your life. Most
      of the ideas, lesson plans and other creative offerings have been generously donated by
      the participants of the AMC Resource Center http://www.amonco.org/directory.html, and I
      have contributed a few myself. This newsletter is free of charge and contains free lesson
      plans, recipes and crafts.

      Perhaps, you don't live in an area where you can see the change of seasons firsthand. You
      have only seen the changing color of the leaves via a travelogue and can only imagine such
      majesty of nature. In Part I of the AMC Hands On Fall Montessori Newsletter, you will find
      the resources you need to help children learn about how and why leaves change color and
      how to grow and pick pumpkins and other aspects of fall gardening.
      Links to apple unit studies and apple recipes and crafts and more are available by clicking
      here and other sections of this newsletter.

      Fall Gardening

      Rae, from the Creative Process, provides autumn planting tips. See

      Janet, from Garden Artisans, shared her Nectar Recipe for Hummingbirds plus offers
      additional free information featuring Remembering the
      Wildlife in our Fall Cleanup,Planting Bulbs for
      Spring and Summer Color and Collecting Seeds - Great Fall Fun! See
      http://www.amonco.org/creative9/montessori_fall9.pdf for details.

      Special Apple Recipes and Crafts

      Ann, from Kids Quality Toys, has whipped up a delicious Easy Pecan Granola Apple
      Crumb-Pie recipe for all to enjoy.

      Author and homeschooling mom, Marty Layne, offers a Simple Wreath craft, to add just the
      perfect touch to a centerpiece or wall. See
      Part IV

      Jaye, from Creative Care, contributed the Apple Wreath and song that can be used for
      children ages two to five. Visit Part V for details.

      Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly, from Cooking with Children Can Be Easy has shared her
      Apple Sauce Parfait recipe. Kathy tells us that she has used this recipe with toddlers (18
      months) through adults
      (81 years) and that it tastes kind of like apple pie. Kathy provides the reader with a very
      complete set of practical life exercises. Sequence cards, shopping list, station setup of
      equipment, booklist, finger play and extension activities are also provided.

      Want more?? Kathy has generously also included a Fresh Fruit Freeze recipe with practical
      life exercises. Both can be viewed and downloaded
      by clicking here.

      Dale, from North American Montessori Center, contributed two excellent practical life

      First, you will want to read through the Making Apple-Cinnamon Muffins unit. Let Dale
      walk you through setup, presentation, making the muffins, tidying up and tasting - all
      Montessori style. Extension exercises are also included. See Part V of this newsletter for
      details. For Dale's second presentation, scroll down until you see The Friendship Quilt.

      Don't forget to download both the http://www.amonco.org/creative7/montessori_fall7.pdf
      to access the delicious Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, courtesy of MindWare and the Apple
      Angel Food Cake recipe from Conceptual Learning.


      Janet, from Chinaberry, forwarded a Frozen Jack-O-Lanterns recipe and Gari, from Music
      for Little Folks contributed a very special chocolate pudding recipe. Both are perfect for
      autumn parties. See Part IV

      Looking for some other creative recipes? Char, from Zoo-phonics, offered the Recipes for
      Elephant Ears Pizza, Elephant Ears Sugar Cookies and Tiger Tail Cookies. See
      Part V

      The Danish Aebleskiver contributed by Rae of the Creative Process, Lithuanian Cranberry
      Cake by Ligia of Childsake http://www.amonco.org/creative6/montessori_fall6.pdf and
      the German Oma's Cake shared by Carolyn of Excellence in Education are three recipes
      that are perfect for the upcoming fall and winter months. Carolyn has also used the dough
      in the classroom for many creative projects. See

      In a hurry? Try the Omelet in a Bag contributed by Joyful Noise Publications and Macaroni
      and Cheese contributed by Millie of Insta-Learn. See Part VIII

      In Part II you will also find a rice pudding recipe submitted by Vera of The Music House.


      Georgette, from Cantemos, will lead you step by step on how to make a guiro. Think of
      the fun this musical instrument will create in your school and home classrooms. It will add
      much to multicultural discussions involving music and musical instruments of Latin
      America. Visit this link for details.

      Shari, from Shari and Jerry, has provided some fun sensory extension exercises that will
      help children identify and discern different sounds. See Sound Effects Activities

      Marjorie, from Classical Magic, offers a lesson plan for autumn by Vivaldi - from The Four
      Season. See Part VII You will discover that her very creative ideas can be adapted for
      various age groups.

      Back to School Montessori Crafts and Exercises

      In Part III, Rita, from the North American Montessori Center, shares a great back to school
      exercise called The Friendship Tree. Click here

      Another great back to school Children Around the World unit study is offered by
      Montessori teacher, Frida, from Montessori Greeting Cards Click here to access this unit
      study. In Part VI, Joan of Nation Relation, shares her Geography Catch Games. See
      http://www.amonco.org/creative6/montessori_fall6.pdf for details.

      Sewing, Knitting and Needlepoint

      In Part V, Dale from North American Montessori Center, provides a very organized practical
      life exercise that includes the materials, presentation, setting up, sewing and finally
      finishing a Friendship Quilt. See Part V for details.

      Linda, from Creative Addiction, has generously shared her PrintnStitch. Use this program
      to turn a graphic into a printable cross stitch chart. Or, you may look at the bottom of
      some of the
      pages and find hand embroidery designs to print out and stitch. See
      http://www.amonco.org/creative3/montessori_fall3.pdf for more information.

      Lois, from Bountiful, forwarded an easy to knit pattern that is perfect for beginners. Visit
      Broken Rib Scarf with Seed Stitch Border - EASY BEGINNER PATTERN to access this

      Ruth, of Ruth Dilts Design, contributed complete instructions on how to make coasters.
      See Part VI for details.

      It's never to early to start preparing for holiday crafting. In Part III, Montessori teacher
      Cathie Perolman shared her adorable Snow Covered Pine Trees craft. See
      http://www.amonco.org/creative3/montessori_fall3.pdf for details.

      Anna, from Wood, Etc., suggested that young children make Zebras that can be used in an
      Animal Safari unit study This project is indeed easy and inexpensive to make. Click here
      for more information.


      Click here to access Color Wheel Lesson Plans shared by Rae of Creative Process. Rae tells
      us that these lessons can be adapted for elementary age through adult learner, and by
      seeing what is offered I thoroughly agree. The ideas can be integrated in art, social
      studies, writing, and science lessons.

      Crafts and Holiday Gift Giving

      Why not create some unique holiday gifts? Janet, from Chinaberry, forwarded a craft idea
      that children and teens are sure to love. The Decoupage Decorative Gift Box is a gift that
      will be treasured for years to come. The Painted Kitchen Trivet Gift, courtesy of Karen of
      Fun Felt is also a marvelous craft that serves as a unique gift.

      Wood Crafting and Drawing

      By clicking here you will find a Wood Dough Recipe for Sculpting from Richard Lord of
      LORD Company, and a Turtle Drawing Lesson form Kim, of Draw Your World. Richard's
      recipe is a great practical life extension exercise. Kim creates integrated lessons that
      develop handwriting, drawing, science and more. These lessons can be customized for
      different age groups.

      Science and Nature

      In In Part II Janette, from Cotton's Journey, shares her
      COTTON BOLL'S BOUNTY ACTIVITY Janette tells us that the student will be able to
      compare cotton lint varieties, predict and record, compute percentages, and discover the
      properties of spinning and crushing cottonseed oil.

      This activity is an interdisciplinary unit for the following grades:

      1st-3rd, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science
      4th-6th, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science
      7th, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science

      John, from Exploration Education, will walk you through the science activity SIMPLY
      SOUND, which helps children understand the properties of sound, and they will actually
      have fun doing so. Visit http://www.amonco.org/creative08/montessori_fall8.pdf for

      Don and Diana, from Nature's Workshop Plus, have authored the article Delighting in
      Discovering Little Things. Set aside time to read this informative piece. Children will
      discover new ways to see the world through a hand held magnifying glass or microscope.
      See http://www.amonco.org/creative/montessori_fall4.pdf to download this information.

      Ever been on a microscope safari? Get ready, set, go! See
      Part IX for additional information.

      Free Educational Games

      Alan, from Stillson Works, offers some unique, innovative Middle School Word Puzzles
      These puzzles will be especially useful for Columbus Day, Christmas, etc. Alan's puzzles
      are also unique holiday gifts.

      See Part IX to access the Combine Learning and Fun at Art Museums article, Treasure
      Hunt, Art Collector, I Spy an Eye and Scavenger Hunt games. These games were submitted
      by Wenda of Birdcage Books.

      Searching for the right book? When in doubt, start with the winners! Rita, from
      literatureplace.com will show you how to do just that! Whether you are in the process of
      compiling a reading booklist or in the process of creating your own book-awards
      program, this is the place to start. Visit
      http://www.amonco.org/creative/montessori_fall4.pdf to download Rita's information.


      Mel, from MTE, Ltd. provided a problem solving sample to help students learn about
      transversable curves. Based on the thoughts of Piaget and Montessori; Educational Critical
      Thinking is logical and productive thinking that is capable of extending
      ideas, creating new ideas, and synthesizing patterns of thought.
      Educational Critical Thinking is a type of disciplined reasoning and must be self-directed,
      self-monitored, and self-corrective. See Part V

      In Part VI, Dr. Borenson of Hands On Equations has provided some free algebra samples
      for you to present to your children. Click here to download the exercises.

      Social Studies

      In Part VII Ed and Suzanne from The Puzzle Man share Fun Filled Creative Ways to Use the
      USA Map.

      Cindy, from Geography Matters, shared the following about the Family Heritage and
      Timelines project. "Have you tried using a timeline yet? Here's a great family project that
      opens the door to a variety of learning opportunities. It involves exercising and developing
      research skills, communication, and organization, and promotes family unity to boot."
      Click here

      Now, that you have some new lesson plans, delve in and begin to put some extra sparkle
      into your school and home school settings. I hope that this is the autumn 2008 is filled
      with beautiful memories for you and the children in your life.

      Many of the resource participants who contributed to this newsletter are featured in the
      monthly drawings. See the AMC Montessori website for details on how to enter. Visit
      http://www.amonco.org and http://www.amonco.org/directory.html today!

      Visit American Montessori Consulting and look under New and Notable for additional
      articles and free lesson plans.

      Finally, don't forget to enter the monthly Montessori drawing for an opportunity to win
      valuable classroom supplies. Visit http://www.amonco.org for details.

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