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Journaling- DOODLING IDEAS -techniques lessons links

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  • Sara
    Happy Year I want to share these links with you. Great to develop Journaling- DOODLING IDEAS -techniques lessons Sakura - Glaze- MICRO PENS- GELLY ROLL PENS I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      Happy Year I want to share these links with you.

      Great to develop

      Journaling- DOODLING IDEAS -techniques lessons

      Sakura - Glaze- MICRO PENS- GELLY ROLL PENS

      I shared these links with the Altered Book group from ArtEdNet.
      Bunki is developing a lesson from these links.

      Also you might want to get the almost freebee glaze pens.


      Subject: Almost freebee
      I sent for it.

      EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY: Be among the first to own the very latest and
      greatest paper-crafting tool from Sakura - Glaze! Glaze is the first
      pen of its kind offering raised lines and glossy lettering
      for "writing you can feel." You pay only $4.95 Shipping & Handling
      AND you get to be part of a special focus group to share your Glaze
      experiences with Sakura. It's the perfect NEW tool for both Rubber
      Stampers and Scrapbookers.


      I LIKE the idea of attaching a landscape picture/photo or postcard to
      a page or sheet of paper then doodle jounal around and on top with
      gelly pens


      Dan Price, Sakura pens:
      Dan Price describes himself as a "hobo artist." He says that before
      he discovered the romance of art he worked as a carpenter, a cook, in
      a grocery store, as a waiter, a ditch digger, a truck driver, and a
      ski bum. He also worked for 10 years as a photojournalist for
      newspapers in seven different states. He created the fine art
      photography journal SHOTS that ran for 45 issues. He now lives in an
      underground kiva in his home state of Oregon, where he creates his
      journal Moonlight Chronicles about the "simple life," and spends time
      with his family and seven cats.
      Here's what Dan says about Sakura pens: "I have used Sakura pens
      exclusively for 10 years and find that they never fail me. The fact
      that they are permanent is also a great plus." Dan has two books that
      are now available: "How To Make a Journal of Your Life " and "The
      Moonlight Chronicles", both by Ten Speed Press.

      Dan Price site is hard to find on the Sakura site.



      download his notebook and journal series

      Here is the first Dan Price Notebook Pigma.pdf (1 megabyte). It'll
      take just a few minutes to download. There are seven full color
      illustrations ready to print. Cut the edges at the marks, add as many
      blank pages as you wish, fold and staple or bind and start your own
      journal collection.
      Here's the next 3 Dan Price Journals in the series -

      GellyRoll.pdf (1.25 megabytes)
      Metallic.pdf (1 megabyte)
      OtherPens.pdf (1.4 megabytes)


      . doodle art

      Check out these examples from
      Sakura of America



      . http://www.gellyroll.com/art/artists/campbell/campbell.html




      . http://www.gellyroll.com/company/company.html
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