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Re: Keeping track of grades for elementary art

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  • Marianna
    I teacher K-8 in a school of about 450 kids. K-1 I don t grade. Second -5th-- ( mandatory art) I have a grade page in a gradebook-- and then in top part-- I
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      I teacher K-8 in a school of about 450 kids. K-1 I don't grade.
      Second -5th-- ( mandatory art) I have a grade page in a gradebook--
      and then in top part-- I have the name of the activity. Usually, at
      night when I have time or as I'm going through which to hang, I give
      a check in the gradebook that they made an effort to meet my
      objectives and directions of the project. When it's time to give them
      something on the report card, I refer back to that-- I have sticky
      notes or in my documentation book, little notes of how they did. This
      is for a performance grade.
      For my conduct grade, I have class charts on the front wall of my
      room, students get checks per nine weeks for misconduct and have
      consequences for each level. According to the number of checks is
      their grade.
      I give a performance/conduct grade. ( so two grades)
      My 6-8 th grade get graded on a checklist rubric kind of thing and
      they get number grades like any other class.

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer Harbst"
      <warholchick72@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone. I'm beginning my 11th year as an elementary art
      > teacher in a public school. I have taught in 3 different school
      > districts in 3 different states. I enjoy what I do (most of the
      > hahah) and have taught in every diverse situation possible: on a
      > cart, in year-round schools, "team" teaching with other art
      > in At-Risk schools- you name it. Yet, the one HUGE fault of mine is
      > how to keep track of grades.
      > I admit, my method starts out strong in the beginning of the year by
      > making a beautiful grade book with all the students names and then
      > list the projects as we do them each week. However, after about a
      > month or two, well, it just sort of goes by the wayside. Before I
      > know it, it's time for report card grades and I don't have anything
      > officially documented. Their artwork has been completed and usually
      > hung up on the wall and we're on the next project. Thankfully, I've
      > never been challenged by a parent or administrator on a grade that
      > I've given a student, but honestly, I tend to give good grades
      > sometimes to kids that I know work hard and are creative, versus
      > actually grading the finished product. I need help. To all the
      > veteran elementary art teachers out there- what methods have you
      > developed to grade your students artwork?
      > A little about my situation: The students come to my art room once
      > week for 35 minutes. We have a regular Monday-Friday week (not a
      > rotating week) which poses the problem of holidays on Mondays and
      > Fridays or assemblies because as you know, those classes won't be in
      > art those days. Ugh, my poor Friday classes... We also give grades
      > that are something like, "CE- Consistently Evident; P- Progressing;
      > Developing; NM- Needs More Time/Instruction; C- Concern". I was
      > scolded last year by several classroom teachers for giving too many
      > students a "CE" because they didn't feel that particular student
      > deserved it. Nice respect for me, huh? But that's another topic
      > another day... Projects can last anywhere from a one day
      > make-and-take craft project to a 6 week long involved art
      > technique project. I'm looking for a method in which I don't have
      > stay after school, hopefully something that can be done daily as the
      > class is in the art room, and something extremely easy. Help!!!
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