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RE: [art_education] your book/self-publishing

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  • Robinson, Michael
    MaryAnn, I received your book, thank you. It looks great. Congratulations. I admire your energy. I know it s not easy. Best wishes, Michael Robinson Art
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      I received your book, thank you. It looks great. Congratulations. I admire your energy. I know it's not easy.
      Best wishes,

      Michael Robinson
      Art Teacher
      Woodcrest Elementary
      Paine Elementary
      856 429 2058 x8231

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      Self-Publishing isn't necessarily a tremendously expensive undertaking
      (you need about $10,000 to start.)
      But the time commitment is huge. It's really all you can do...a full
      time job.
      I know if people who have done it with teaching, but it just doesn't
      seem to work out as well as going full time.
      There is a book called the "Self Publishing Manual" by Dan Poynter,
      Para Publishing.
      I think it's about $15.00. It's the quintessential book on "how to".
      Follow its steps, and you will self-publish.
      Of course you have to have a book that people will buy!!

      I have been self-publishing as well as writing for Gryphon House, Inc.
      since 1985. With both of these publishing venues, I have a decent
      With only the self-publishing, I'm sure it would be about equal to a
      teaching income.
      But those first few years were tricky as you wait to sell books so you
      can pay for a new printing when the books sell out.
      It really takes three books to be in business. One book is only a
      hobby, and an all-consuming hobby at that.
      That's why it's better if you can be published by a company...as far
      as time commitment...because they do the publishing.
      All you have to do is write the book, and then help promote it when it
      comes out.

      Self-publishing picture books or stories is much harder than self-
      publishing in the non-fiction, self-help, or how to genres. For some
      reason, self-published books in these areas are easily accepted by the
      mainstream, whereas, picture books and stories are less so.

      I think you could do a publishing project with kids, but there would
      have to be some money upfront to pay for the printing, perhaps from
      the PTO or a grant. As to selling and printing, that's a whole 'nother
      thing, so if you want to know more, or if anyone in this group wants
      to know more, I will continue discussing it. The main thing is to get
      a good printing price, and then, sell the books locally for sure, but
      possibly sell the books in the mainstream.


      MaryAnn F. Kohl
      author, presenter & educational consultant

      On Aug 10, 2008, at 12:10 AM, Gray wrote:

      Hullo MaryAnn and others
      Very interesting to read about your background in books. I was
      wondering how "self-publishing" works. Is it an expensive undertaking
      and has it been financially worthwhile? I realize the personal
      satisfaction and growth must be huge but has it been an all round good
      thing for you. I too have had an interest in writing children's books
      for years and have been an oil painter for most of my life and am
      wondering about the possibilities of combining the two in some way. I
      believe the act of involving kids in such a project in an educational
      environment would be beneficial to student and school system alike. It
      would be tremendous in getting the education department involved!


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      From: MaryAnn Kohl
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      HI, Liz, and Art Educators: Yes, to answer your question about my
      books, my focus is always art, though I am getting ready to write a
      book about great composers for kids with music and art activities.

      I first left elementary (grades k, 1,2) classroom teaching to raise my
      little babies. As they grew, I just couldn't make myself return to the
      classroom and leave them!, so I returned instead to one of my
      dreams....to publish a book. I grew up in the business so it didn't
      scare me to try: My grandfather owned bookstores and a book bindery
      for library bindings, my dad ran the bindery, my grandmother was a
      published author, and my mom was an accomplished oil painter who ran a
      lending library from our home (it was the 50's!). Books were all
      around me throughout my childhood, and not just books, but the "making
      and selling of" books. I also realized that (in 1985), there were no
      art idea books for teachers, parents, or kids. Crafts, yes, but no
      "independent" art explorations. So, I gathered my favorite ideas from
      my classroom teaching (we didn't have any art specialists, so I had to
      be full of ideas of my own), organized them, and found out about "self-
      publishing". Then I did it! Since then I have published/written seven
      books and written another fifteen or so.

      I have found that writing my art books is just another way to be a
      teacher, but one who is out of the classroom. My year is full of
      workshop offerings and presentations about bringing art to the
      classroom and the day care center. I'm enjoying what I do. And yet, I
      still miss having my own little group of kids to teach. I've been able
      to attach myself to one classroom where I test all my art ideas, and
      that has really helped! I love those kids!!!!!

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      MaryAnn Kohl

      On Aug 9, 2008, at 1:35 AM, Gray wrote:

      Hullo Mary

      What a marvellous undertaking! It must be truly rewarding and allow
      kids to feel part of the historical art world of America. How did you
      first get into books and is your focus always art?

      Look forward to hearing from you
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