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  • Emily
    The link for the Square1 Art Fundraising site is: http://www.square1art.com/
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 3, 2008
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      The link for the Square1 Art Fundraising site is:

      > I wanted to let you know about Square1 as an art teacher that has used
      > them the last two years. Both times I made about $1,500 for my art
      > account and it's SUPER EASY!! They will send you the art paper for
      > the children to use. The kids then color/paint/ draw on the paper and
      > it's sent back to Square1. The best thing about the whole program is
      > not even really the money - ALL the kids get a free magnet with their
      > art work on it!! They LOVE it! They will keep these forever. I
      > don't push selling the items that are available for purchase. I just
      > tell the kids that they are all getting a FREE MAGNET, and if their
      > parents look at the brochure and want to order more things with their
      > art on it, they can. I'm amazed every year at all the orders. The
      > Jr. High art teacher told me that her art parents want her to do
      > Square1 like they do at he elementary school. She's planning on going
      > with Square1 this school year. Another thing - With about $4,000.00
      > worth of orders, both years there was only 1 mistake. Both of those
      > mistakes were taken care of very quickly and promptly. On one of the
      > orders, they sent beautiful matted art work of the child and he had
      > ordered a calendar. They sent the calendar immediately AND got to
      > keep the matted pictures - His mom was trilled.
      > Please give them a try - the kids will win!! (and you'll make money)
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