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Am I glad I posted that message!!!

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  • bluestarkid
    Hi again everyone and thank you so much for the overwhelming response to my plea for help! Apart from the professional ethos that I guess binds all teachers
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2002
      Hi again everyone and thank you so much for the overwhelming response
      to my plea for help!

      Apart from the professional ethos that I guess binds all teachers
      together, on a human level it feels just so good to know that there
      are others out there who are so quick in offering help, in such a
      disinterested way! I have just spent a week trying to come to terms
      with bouts of jealousy amongst some of my students and I have to
      admit it drained me emotionally, mentally and physically! Thanks
      everyone, I really appreciate this!

      Back to the project - This is the first time in my six years of
      teaching I am going to attempt something like this. Like some of you
      suggested, I want to invlove everyone who is in any way related to
      the school. The idea seems daunting, and whereas the logistics of it
      do not scare me, the actual execution of the work does! I realise I
      would have to involved lots of others in the process and since I am
      thinking in terms of something durable I guess (correct me if I am
      wrong) that it would have to be a selected group of people who in the
      end will put the whole thing together, whatveer it may be.

      In the meantime, to set the pace for something like this, I thought
      of having everyone fold a paper crane (origami) and put all the birds
      together into a huge mobile consisting of over 1000 birds. This would
      help to break the ice I guess. I had seen something similat in Munich
      about 4 or 5 years ago and the overall effect that so many folded
      birds creat is overwhelmingly beautiful. For those interested in
      learning more about this check out:


      The site has not been updated for some time but there is still a
      wealth of info on it.

      If anyone has any other ideas for "quicker" whole school projects,
      something "easy" to start with, I would love to hear about it.

      I have experience with group projects but nothing on such a large
      scale. To comment about some of the issues raised in the various
      replies, I did find transepriences and the use of an ohp very useful
      in creating large scale murals. We have just participated in a local
      exhibition here in Malta which tries to link schools in the district
      (if it can be called so - Malta is VERY small!). The theme was
      Mythology and I had a group of boys working on an 8 panelled mural. I
      do think cohesion is important and the major challenge was that of
      blending styles together but on the whole we managed quite well!

      Another project that I worked on some time back and which could be
      used for a whole school/group was based on collages. We had an artist
      in residence for some time and she provided the kids with square
      pieces of dyed silk and plenty of cutoffs. Each class was asked to
      create a collage - we had birds, angels, trees... I guess the theme
      could be one that runs throughout. The collages from each class were
      then put together to create bigger collages. I can very easily
      imagine a whole series of these and they are very pleasing to the
      eye. The only drawback to this is that framing the lot can be rather

      Hope to hear more about all this!

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