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Re: [art_education] Re: getting the word out

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  • Stephanie Walkley
    It is Arizona s version of ESL and all teachers must have that endorsement by 2009. Yes, I guess. I was before the Praxis.....The National Teacher Exam.
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      It is Arizona's version of ESL and all teachers must have that endorsement
      by 2009. Yes, I guess. I was before the Praxis.....The National Teacher

      There are many people that grow gardens out here. In fact, agriculture is
      one of Arizona's major incomes. Cotton is grown all around my district.

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      Subject: Re: [art_education] Re: getting the word out

      > hmmm, Arizona you say? Well that maybe an option in the next few years, if
      > we could sell our house here in Indy.
      > I think I would miss my garden
      > I've not heard of Sheltered English Immersion, what is it for? Was the
      > Art Test like the Praxis?
      > Thanks for the info
      > Stephanie Walkley <swalkley@...> wrote:
      > If you are willing to move, Arizona is desperate for qualified
      > teachers.
      > However, their credentialling process is rediculously stupid and a waste
      > of
      > money. Thus the reason they are so desperate IMO. I taught 12 years in
      > Virginia and had to move as a result of my husband getting a new job. I
      > had
      > to take some stupid Art test ($105), 60 hours of SEI training, and an AZ
      > Constitution class. Now, I had the easy route due to extensive experience
      > in VA. If you are desperate and are willing to move check it out.
      > Prior to getting my first job in teaching I long term subbed and
      > interviewed
      > 3 times prior to getting the one in Virginia. I was the one hired against
      > roughly 35 other applicants for my current job in AZ. There are times I
      > wish I would have held off since I was offered 6 other interviews and two
      > positions without an interview with 2 weeks left prior to school starting.
      > Steph
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      > Subject: [art_education] Re: getting the word out
      >> Karolina -
      >> Don't be discouraged. Sometimes administrators have a little bit of
      >> flexibility and will, on the spur of the moment, do a quick assessment
      >> of a candidate. On the (relatively) rare occasions when they pick that
      >> person up, something has really "clicked." Either it's something that
      >> school is really searching for, some life experience that resonates with
      >> the administrator, or a special skill you have that's immediately
      >> visible. One study that was quoted during my masters work showed that,
      >> on average, it took thirteen interviews/assessment centers to land a job
      >> in a competitive environment. Just stay with it, keep a close eye on
      >> those deadlines, and whenever possible, don't wait until the last minute
      >> to hand deliver your packet. Correct or not, that impression is one of
      >> haste, and haste makes principals nervous.
      >> As to subbing, LOTS of research and anecdotal information will show you
      >> that jobs are landed on the basis of personal contacts within the
      >> system. In many districts, it's an odd way of doing a probationary
      >> period of sorts. I heard lots of stories in one lounge about how many
      >> years people subbed before gaining a regular contract. No, subbing
      >> isn't an easy way to get your foot in the door and no, it doesn't pay
      >> well anywhere, but it IS a way to establish yourself if you're searching
      >> in a flooded market. That said, if you're searching in a market where
      >> there's a shortage of teachers, some of the rules are different. If you
      >> can get the human resources department or school secretary to answer
      >> probing questions, ask, "How many applicants are there for your teaching
      >> positions?"
      >> Just some thoughts for you, and good luck!
      >> Joyce (who has some administrative time under her belt, which is why her
      >> current job is sooooo satisfying!)
      >> --
      >> K-8 Art Specialist
      >> http://EvergreenArt.Birdsong.ORG
      >> If it moves, teach it.
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      >>> 6b. Re: getting the word out
      >>> Posted by: "Karolina Valentine" karolinavalentine@...
      >>> karolinavalentine
      >>> Date: Sat May 31, 2008 9:46 am ((PDT))
      >>> my professors warned me about subbing; that it would
      >>> burn me out and I would start to hate teaching. The
      >>> sub pay is also about half as much as I make at my
      >>> current job and I really I can't afford a pay cut.
      >>> Could someone answer this question:
      >>> I contacted a school that was hiring a k-6 teacher and
      >>> asked if it had been filled; they said no and to
      >>> apply. I apply the very same day and hand delievered
      >>> my application to the principal. He seemed interested
      >>> and gave me a mini interview on the spot and told me
      >>> he would be contacting me for my second round of
      >>> interviews. Three weeks later after calling twice and
      >>> e-mailing him on the third week; he e-mails me back to
      >>> tell me they filled it last week. He told me that they
      >>> were already far along in the interview process when I
      >>> applied.
      >>> I want to know why he wouls even take my application
      >>> if I had missed the deadline?
      >>> Thanks!
      >>> Karolina
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