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New!! Free Sizzling Art, Music, Gen Education Summertime Lesson Plans

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  • heidi_home72
    New Sizzling Summertime Montessori Creative Lesson Planning To click on the actual links please visit http://montessori21stcentury.wordpress.com/2008/06/01
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      New Sizzling Summertime Montessori Creative Lesson Planning

      To click on the actual links please visit



      Learn how to make and fly a kite in your neck of the woods.

      Planning a trip to Southern California? All the fun is not necessary had at the amusement
      parks. Take a side trip to Seal Beach, a quaint beach town, that has much to offer. While
      there, you won't want to miss the monthly Seal Beach Kite Club meetings. Click here to see
      what the city of Seal Beach has in store for you and your family. Then, venture to Hobby
      City for some additional free hands-on fun.


      Learn how to make a band in minutes. Yes, you and your children can make a coffe can
      drum and yogurt container shakers by following the easy instructions provided by

      The Blow Ye Winds , Paddle Wheeler and Erie Canal - and Wabash Cannonball are free
      extension activities from the guide written by Dr. Kathryn A. Short, for Kimbo's new CD
      release: "Songs About America," Celebrating America Through Song.. See Kimbo for

      Georgette, of Cantemos, offers some unique Latin music lesson planning to make your
      summer sizzle! Try the new CHOCOLATE DANCE routine Click here to view Georgette's
      complete multicultural lesson planning information

      Talented Marty Layne offers some delightful summer poems set to music. See Sea Change
      for details.


      Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly, author of Cooking with Children Can Be Easy, will show you
      how to prepare a food unit study for children featuring the yummy Watermelon Blueberry
      Banana Split recipe.

      Dale Gausman, owner of the North American Montessori Center, shows how children can
      plan, prepare, and execute a Spring or Summer Tea. Click here for details.

      DIanne Knesek, Montessori teacher and owner of Conceptual Learning, shares a mouth
      watering Summer Fruit, Cheese, and Meat Kabobs recipe. Visit this link for complete

      Mary, from the Montessori materials company Hello Wood, offers the delicious recipe,
      Onion Pie, perfect for your holiday celebrations. See

      Planning a unit study about pirates? Karen , from Fun Felt, shares her three pirate snack
      ideas - Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships and Cannoballs, all of which, can be easily integrated
      into any pirate unit study. Click here to access the recipes.

      Don't forget to make some delicious potato salad for your family picnics. Use Bill's recipe
      for Father's Day and Fourth of July celebratios. See the MindWare entry to access the

      Montessorian Cathie Perolman employs the Montessori practical life technique with her
      recipe scrumptuous gingerbread muffins recipes. Access this recipe by by clicking here

      Larry, from Farm Country General Store, shares an equally delicious cinammon roll recipe.
      What a perfect addition to a homemade Father's Day breakfast or just a lazy Saturday
      morning con su famlia (with your family.) See


      Plan a unit study about Stalactites and Stalagmites by visiting from the
      Captivation/Teaching Tank lesson activity.

      John, from Exploration Education, presents an excellent, fun-filled simple and effective
      activity about static electricity is for children six and up. Click here for details.

      Hurricane Unit Study by Michelle of Treasure Box Press

      The 2007 hurricane season has been busy and destructive. Hurricane Katrina left
      thousands of people without homes and jobs. The United States and the world came
      together to help with food, clothing, shelter and psychological support. The lesson and
      activity was created to help us understand how such a devastating storm surge forms and
      the need to prepare for it in the event of future hurricanes.
      Visit http://www.amonco.org/summer4/montessori_summer4.pdf to learn more about
      this complete, well written lesson plan.

      Summer gardening can be fun if you plan ahead. Garden Aristans offers help you will
      need to customize your garden lesson planning. Find everything from planning an herb
      garden to bird psychology by visiting

      Richard, from the Montessori Materials LORD Company, is offering FREE
      reading books, Montessori land and water labels and a math bank activity


      MTE incorporate several unique features to build understanding and enhance critical
      thinking. The materials include exercises that support the understanding of math
      vocabulary and facilitate the reading of mathematics texts as well as open ended questions
      to promote discussions of math concepts. The series also includes the traditional sets of
      drill and practice exercises and problem sets when appropriate.

      In this AMC summer issue, Mel, from MTE, also explains the term `critical thinking', and
      provides a FREE transversable cubes exercise. Click here to access the information.

      Receive some free hands-on alegebra exercises. See Sea Change for details.

      GAME TIME!

      Mariaemma, from Coaching for Learning Success(tm), feels that kids who are tactile-
      kinesthetic, whole body learners, and/or like basketball love the Basketball & Whole Body
      Memorizing activity!" Click here for details.

      Make geography come alive! Joan McGivney, provides a fun filled geography guessing and
      geography catching games. Visit this link for complete information.

      Stillsonworks offers more unique puzzles designed for middle school students. Try your
      hand at the free exercises included by clicking here Acess addiitinal FREE puzzles for
      children/teens by visiting http://www.amonco.org/summer7/montessori_summer7.pdf/

      Marjorie Kiel Persons presents TWO marvelous integrated lessons for your summer music
      presentations. - Water Music ‚ Alla Hornpipe by George Frideric Handel. and Oh, How I Love
      Italy ‚ Music, Art, and Food seasoned with History and Geography See Click on this link to
      access both lesson plans.

      Be sure to check out the cooperative games by Rae from Creative Process. See

      THIS and THAT….Additional unique, creative lesson planning info.

      Rae from Creative Process generously has provided the following free activities ], articles,
      and lesson plans:
      Calendar Activity, Teacher as Curator : Setting up a School Gallery, Sharing Food, Food in
      ArtÝ:Access this information by clicking here

      Cindy Wiggers contributed an outstanding article about family heritage and timelines. Her
      suggestions will help make history and geography truly meaningful. This is a must read!!
      Visit http://www.amonco.org/summer5/montessori_summer5.pdf for details

      Sharon, from Visual Manna, shares helpful information about auditory, visual and
      kinesthetic learners. This article is perfectf for many who are busy planning lessons for the
      upcoming months. See http://www.amonco.org/summer7/montessori_summer7.pdf

      Wenda, from Birdcage Press, provides some excellent viginettes featuring Botticell, Fra
      Angelico, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael..Click here for to acccess the information.
      For additional lesson plans featuring Renaissance artists and musicians please visit
      http://www.amonco.org/spring2002_1.html and

      Planning a trip to Washington, D.C. or Europe this summer? Read Bicycling From
      Gettysburg Battlefield To Washington D.C. , A Trip to the Aleutian Islands and Ý
      Family Bicycle Adventure Across Europe To access this information please visit

      Taking your class on a literature journey? Why not start with the classics. Let Rita Arpaia of
      litreature.com show you how. Point your browser to


      Jaye, from Creative Care, will show you how to make a double frame. See

      Janet, from Chinaberry, will guide you step by step on how to make some beautiful gift
      boxes. See http://www.amonco.org/summer/montessori_summer1.pdf

      If you experience any difficulties, you can also access most of the above links at

      Now, with these fun activities, recipes and lessons, you are set to go out and make this
      summer the best yet!

      To click on the actual links please visit



      P.S. Many of the participants of the AMC Montessori Resource Center have generously
      donated prizes for the monthly AMC Montessori drawings. Visit http://www.amonco.org
      and http://www.amonco.org/directory for details.
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