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  • annie
    I agree, private lessons in NY, whether for art or music, is insanely expensive so my rate ($25 per hour) is considered pretty reasonable to upstate New
    Message 1 of 6 , May 25, 2008
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      I agree, private lessons in NY, whether for art or music, is insanely
      expensive so my rate ($25 per hour) is considered pretty reasonable to
      upstate New Yorkers. I've also volunteered in the local 4H and in the
      homeschool community - it's a great way to get additional exposure for
      private classes and is an alternative to advertising.


      In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Brandy" <bergiemoore@...> wrote:
      > I charge even less- $30 a month and that includes supplies for four
      > one hour lessons. (There is no snack:) BUT it's not as important what
      > you charge, then what the market can bear and what classes around are
      > going for. Ohio or Virginia art lessons are going to go for far less
      > then lessons in D.C. LA, or NYC. Find out what the galleries,
      > museums, or other private teachers are charging and be competitive;
      > Not cheaper, just competitive. Do take your rent, if you have any
      > into consideration.
      > Finding that out may make it easier to decide if you want to work
      > for yourself - which involves, at least in the beginning, lots of
      > advertising, time spent on the computer, and other timely efforts- or
      > if it would be profitable to go to work for someone else teaching
      > already established lessons.
      > No matter where you teach, I would definitely recommend having a
      > syllabus that teaches lessons that you can't do in larger classrooms.
      > Whenever you come across a lesson and hear yourself say, 'I wish I
      > could do it but it's too complicated/ too expensive/ too long of a
      > project.' You've got one of your lesson for your private classes.
      > If nothing separates you from what they get in school for free (or
      > through private school) then you won't get many returning students. I
      > have about 1/2 of my students as continually repeating customers, and
      > they are my bread and butter to my classes, which also says that you
      > have to constantly changing projects.
      > I do a two year rotation of about four projects. The other 32
      > projects a year are new and a not repeated for at least four or five
      > years, or when I see I finally have a whole new batch of students.
      > >
      > > Hi All!
      > >
      > >
      > > Do you give lessons all year long or just over summer break?
      > I give lessons only during the school year.
      > > How much do you charge (how did you figure out what to charge?)?
      > Not much, but then again art lessons around here aren't that much.
      > > Do you charge an additional materials fee?
      > No, I work that into the overall fee, but I have done it differently
      > in the past. It is easier at tax time if the two are separated.
      > > How many times per week do you give lessons?
      > I give lessons twice a week, but to two different groups.
      > > Are the lessons continually ongoing or do they end (like a six week
      > session)?
      > They run in 6 or 12 week courses with one week for make-up between the
      > sessions.
      > > How long is each session (one hour? two hours?)?
      > one for younger students, and 1.5 for older.
      > > What kinds of things do you teach?
      > Everything :)
      > > How did you determine what to teach?
      > Can their parents do it with them at home, or did they do it in
      > school? The answer should be 'no' to both those questions.
      > > Where do you give the lessons?
      > At my church.
      > > How do you handle storage?
      > In my garage. Students have to bring back their newsprint pads for
      > drawing every week. I try to arrange a yearly art exhibit for them at
      > the local library.
      > > Thanks so much!
      > > Amy in Florida
      > >
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