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  • Jeanette
    I am a now and again art teacher. Why do I say now and again ? I cannot will not teach in schools that expect me to run an art class off a cart and out of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2008
      I am a "now and again" art teacher. Why do I say "now and again"?
      I cannot will not teach in schools that expect me to run an art
      class off a cart and out of a closet, I will not teach in a school
      that tells me to get creative when I ask where are the art supplies
      or tells me that I can use my own money when I ask what is the
      budget for supplies.
      I will not, cannot teach in a school where they feel that I am NOT
      worth a classroom, or worse yet, hire me, give me a classroom, then
      me 1 day before school starts I will be on a cart- after I spent 2
      weeks cleaning, organizing and decorating this classroom and
      ordering supplies to teach in this classroo.
      I will not teach in a atmosphere where the administation makes rules
      for the kids to follow and on the very first day of school breaks
      one of the "unbreakable rules" for a student in front of me- telling
      me in effect that the students run the school NOT the teachers or
      I will not teach in a school, that thinks I can teach an art class
      in the cafeteria- with the cafeteria staff disrupting and
      distracting the students every few minites and the school doesnt
      sent down a translator with the students who cannot understand my
      I will and have taught in schools were art is valued, I had a well
      supplied classroom, and admins did what they are supposed to do and
      supported the teachers efforts. I have taught in schools that the
      students were excited to learn art from me and did very well indeed-
      I had NO "management" problems in these schools at.
      Problem is there are NOT enough of the good schools, and far too
      many of the bad schools.
      That is why I currently do not teach anywhere.
      If you or anyone you know knows of a opening at the GOOD kind of
      school I described, please let me know asap- I am a professional
      artist and do prefer studio High school classes above the rest.
      Thank you
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