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Re: [art_education] Setting Up an Art Center in Another Teacher's Room

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  • Anna K. Ball
    DEFINITELY check out the new TAB website. Look on Choice Centers for a start, but browse the whole site. http://teachingforartisticbehavior.org anna in
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2008
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      DEFINITELY check out the new TAB website.  Look on Choice Centers for a start, but browse the whole site.
      anna in western sd
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      Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 9:44 AM
      Subject: [art_education] Setting Up an Art Center in Another Teacher's Room

      The wealth of knowledge and support on this list has been so wonderful.  You are all benefitting my students, too, by making me a better art teacher!  Thank you!
      Wondering if you could help me.  A teacher in my school, who has a big interest in art, always wishing she could attend my classes, etc, wants me to help her set up an art center in her classroom.
      I am happy to help her (to a point),  so she gave me $100 of her own money to buy things for the center.  She is especially interested in the 3-4 grade students illustrating lessons in their own sketchbooks.  I bought the bare essentials, brushes, paper, colored pencils, markers, paint, sketchbooks, etc.  I plan to donate lots of stuff as well.
      She asked if I could come in for 15 minutes and explain the materials to the classroom, which I will do on Monday.  Okay.  My questions are....
      1. Can anyone direct me to websites that picture and/or explain a classroom art center and how to use one?   I would like to email her these websites for her own research.
      2. Do you have centers in your room, can you give me (her) any suggestions?
      I also think she's going to act like she has no idea what to do or how to use it or will have no idea how to execute projects.... .. and could I do the whole thing and "just come in a few minutes"  blah blah.    To avoid this, I would like to set it up and then arm her with information.
      Thank you very much for any help with this!
      Rivka Kehaty

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