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Re: Thank you and children's book advice

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  • Brandy
    I did a unit study on children s illustrators. I choose mostly famous ones like Eric Carle, Ed Emberly (who illustrated Drummer hoff, fire it off) Steven
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2008
      I did a unit study on children's illustrators. I choose mostly famous
      ones like Eric Carle, Ed Emberly (who illustrated Drummer hoff, fire
      it off) Steven Kellogg, and 3 others- Anyone whose style I felt could
      easily be recognized. Then we did projects based on their method of
      The Eric Carle assignment was very multilayered, and the cooler
      part were only for the 4-6th graders. We made marbleized paper one
      day, they spent a good amount of time drawing animals another day. I
      had them break the animals down into parts- extend lines into the
      drawings like a dress pattern would. We looked at a lot of different
      Eric Carle animals, and I had them cut one apart. Then they took their
      own animals they had drawn, cut them apart, and traced the shapes onto
      the back of their marbleized paper, cut those shapes out and put it
      back together to make marbleize animals. They were beautiful enough
      to frame! The younger kids, 2-4th made marbleized paper, then drew
      different body parts on they paper anyway they wanted and cut them out
      and glued them back together. They did not cut up their animal
      drawings or do the tracing step. I would have precut animal body parts
      cut out for the youngest kids, K-1st, and just have them glue them
      together. I don't know if you can coordinate this class with animal
      adaptation in their science classes, but it was something I talked
      about in art class for the kindergarteners and first graders.
      An easy and impressive project I got off Artsonia was cartoon
      cells. I did this project with the Ed Emberly book. We drew soldiers
      on clear protective pocket sheets with sharpie markers. Then you
      paint the other side with acrylic paint. It creates a cartoon cell.
      We places these over abstract water color backgrounds. "Drummer Hoff,
      fire it off", besides being really well illustrated, is one of my
      favorite kid's books because of the moral behind the story, and
      younger kids love the repetition and rhythm.

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "mccauley_misty"
      <mccauley_misty@...> wrote:
      > Thanks to everyone who wrote about their ideas and advice for summer
      > art experiences, it certainly gives me a lot to think about! Please
      > keep the ideas coming, they will be put to good use!!
      > As a new teacher I am so excited to learn that I get a book budget!
      > Do you have any recommendations as to which books lead to the best
      > projects and discussions? I have of course looked into Leo Leoni, Eric
      > Carle, Faith Ringgold, but which author/ illustrators do you prefer?
      > which of their books are the BEST???? I teach K thru 6th so they can
      > be somewhat more advanced books. Thank you so much! Happy Easter!
      > Misty
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