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Re: [art_education] Model Magic Masks - Brenda

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  • Judy Decker
    Brenda and all, Folks, I have talked with Brenda a lot about her lesson.... I ll fill you all in on the details at some point....but today I have a lot of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2003
      Brenda and all,
      Folks, I have "talked" with Brenda a lot about her lesson.... I'll fill you all in on the details at some point....but today I have a lot of things to do (smile) - and I haven't gotten any of them done yet (giggle -- I've been "talking" all morning).
      I like this lesson, Brenda. It is very doable. It would take a lot of Model Magic as written. Forms built up with regular modeling clay can easily be paper mached (and the modeling clay removed and reused) I would put a layer of regular paper mache on first before the powerdered - just for durablility/stability. Gosh Brenda, you almost have me wanting to work through a sample myself now (tee-hee). Making a sample is the best way to find out what works. I have many samples that never made it to the student project stages as is. I revised for the students.
      I'd LOVE to see someone do this mask lesson with Greek theater - Comedy and Tragedy.... I just might have to share some ideas with the lists. I have lots of links for it.
      For anyone else listening - Brenda is trying to do a 3-D lesson and not use firing clay. We really have to find a way for her to get a kiln (smile).
      Brenda - you will never get me to agree that all of the kiddles doing King Tut portraits is a good idea (silly me). I liked variety - and individual creativity. I would have hated to see all of my kiddles doing King Tut - but that is just me. Only you know what will work with your kiddles.
      Thanks for coming to this list. I answer this mail first.
      Judy Decker
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      Subject: [art_education] Judy, what do you think? Back to Egyptian/King Tut portraits

      Is there any reason why they couldn't do the Egyptian faces in modeling clay and then do the headdress in the powdered papier mache?
      You're a dear,

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