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Middle School - High School Lesson Plans

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  • Judy Decker
    (Thanks Jan - I am going to feature her on IAD) Dear Art Educators, I am ALWAYS looking for sites that answer my survey respondents needs. Here is an excellent
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2003
      (Thanks Jan - I am going to feature her on IAD)

      Dear Art Educators,

      I am ALWAYS looking for sites that answer my survey
      respondents needs. Here is an excellent site that has
      basic lessons for middle school and high school.

      or http://tinyurl.com/y8x2

      Many lesson plans on the site as well as student
      examples. This site will give you lesson ideas - and
      will make many of you proud of what you do with your
      students (She has the perspective forms in space
      lesson that I did with 7th graders at St. Charles -
      She did it with high school -- smile -- Lots of her
      high school lessons I did with middle school. I know I
      am bragging -- but so what? All of you could brag a
      big, more, too. You can even adapt the lessons for
      elementary. I did and so can you! Right, Jan?).

      See her Elements presentation, too.

      OK folks time to ramble - Use these ideas - that is
      why they are there BUT if you put them on YOUR site,
      credit Donna Reedy if you got the idea from her site.
      She obviously has spent a lot of time developing this
      site. I am very happy to write (and edit)lesson plans
      for you, too -- It saves you lots of time....BUT if
      you get a lesson idea from anyone who has a submitted
      a lesson to Incredible Art Department, I do expect you
      to credit the source when you post it to YOUR site
      (Smile- I could care less what you give your
      administrator....I have helped a lot of art teachers
      look good over the years - That is my job). I am proud
      to say though that I have never claimed ownership of
      an idea that I got from another art teacher - and
      never will - sometimes I will not tell you the name of
      the teacher (if it is not a list member -- privacy
      issues, you know). I know "ideas" cannot be
      copyrighted....but I think we owe each other on these
      lists to give credit when we publish another art
      teacher's idea (Susan from Long Island if you are
      reading -- I hope I am not the only one who took your
      posts to heart - We are two peas in a pod --smile).
      Keep the sharing alive -- Show your gratitude. Folks,
      most of us love to have our brains "picked" - there is
      lots there for the picking....I just don't like
      someone else taking all the glory (smile....been
      there)....Thanks to all who read my ramble -- You know
      I will be checking to see if you "listened" (LOL at

      Have a Wonderful Week!


      --- "Hillmer, Jan" <hillmjan@...> wrote:
      > Judy - I think I've discovered a cool site! This
      > teacher has fabulous projects on her site.
      > Jan

      Judith Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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