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RE: [art_education] NAEA Tips and such

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  • Michele Owens
    Many many thanks Cynthia! You have stirred my excitement. Your adviced will definitely be used and do send any other tips and suggestions. Packing a rolling
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2008
      Many many thanks Cynthia! You have stirred my excitement. Your adviced will definitely be used and do send any other tips and suggestions. Packing a rolling cart and a flattened box is my fav. Again, thanks.

      Michéle P. Owens

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      From: "Cynthia Perkins" <cynthia59p@...>
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      How exciting that you are attending the most awesome art conference ever! This is my sixth and likely final year, and I can still hardly wait to be there.

      Hmmm free workshops.....when you registered, there were paid workshops and you would know immediately if there were any spots available. The remaining sessions, literally hundreds of them, are free. I'd suggest studying the session offerings early and highlight what you want to see. If there's one that seems really awesome, be aware that hundreds of others may feel the same. Get to a session early....even if it means attending the session before the one you want.....sit up front...and you will most likely be able to see, hear, and get any goodies they may have to hand out.

      Take a notebook with pocket to record/gather good ideas, website addresses and the such. If you miss getting the handout, many times a website is given for you to access the information.

      Bring along one a big tote bag or one of those folding crates. I bought mine through Nasco and it has been a lifesaver...especially at the vendors...Oh Michele, the vendors! Do not miss the vendors.....I repeat ....do not miss the vendors. The tote or cart is for the goodies that you will receive or even purchase. In year's past, I have mailed boxes of goodies home...as the airlines frown on heavy baggage. The first year my friend went to Miami, she paid $100 for the excess weight in her baggage. I do think that the budget crunch has caused the vendors to not be so free with their items, but you WILL come home with goodies. If you plan to mail, pack a sturdy cardboard box (flattened), mailing tape, labels, etc. Also, a mailing tube will be valuable for mailing or bringing home the posters you will most likely accumulate.

      Many people also bring preprinted labels that have their name, school, address, phone, grades taught, email, etc. Most vendors want that information and that will save you lots of time. I also usually bring business cards I make up on the computer with the same information. They are great to give to those people you meet in which you want to contact again.

      Wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes. You will see people dressed extremely casually....to artsy...to dressed up. Wear what makes you happy..and comfortable...and did I say comfortable??...as you WILL do lots of standing and walking.

      We'll, Michele, that's all I can think of at the moment. I wish you an absolutely blessed conference trip.
      Cynthia from KY

      Michele Owens <mpo.artco@...> wrote:
      I am going for the first time and I have already registered, but I am very unsure about the process of attending free workshops and such. What advice can group members offer for first time attendees? Any tips about exploring New Orleans (i will be in the area a few days early for sightseeing)? Thanks in advance for any tips and insights.

      Michéle P. Owens

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      From: "Amy Broady" <abroady@...>
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      Sent: 3/1/08 8:31 AM
      Subject: [art_education] NAEA Online Registration Ends Today

      Today is the last day for online registration for the NAEA conventon.

      I just checked on the NAEA website…early bird discounted registration
      ended February 15. Online registration at the normal price ($179 for
      an active member) ends TODAY. After today, you will not be able to pre-
      register, but you can register on-site the day the convention begins
      (March 25).

      The first year I went I missed the deadline and had to register there.
      No big deal. So if you miss the online opportunity, don't let it keep
      you from going if you can.

      But if you want to register ahead of time, and you haven't yet...now's
      your last chance.

      New Orleans, here I come!
      I hope to see YOU there!
      Amy in TN

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