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Re: early release days -scheduling

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  • tmwillis72
    In my district the elementary students have a half day on Monday. It is a time for in-services in your discipline and for school based faculty meetings. In my
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 2, 2008
      In my district the elementary students have a half day on Monday. It
      is a time for in-services in your discipline and for school based
      faculty meetings. In my school kids are dismissed at 12:30. They do
      still keep a lunch schedule and students eat lunch in the cafeteria
      like any other day.

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      > Hi Jeryl,
      > I teach at a middle school and see my kids every day of the week.
      > We have early releases on one Wednesday a month. The buses come
      for the bus riders and the kids GO HOME. (Our school is a home for a
      lot of the kids, so it is hard to get them out of the door,
      sometimes...) We spend the afternoon doing inservice at the school.
      We used to have one day that we spent with other teachers in the
      district, but that didn't happen this year. Lunches are provided on
      this day--every period is 1/2 hour long and the lunches are bunched
      up at the end of the school day . Kids are released at 1ish (I have
      planning so don't pay attention to the time) and start at 8 am.
      > And we have ours on a Wednesday because a lot of kids just plain
      wouldn't show up for a half day of school on a Friday. Personally, I
      like it overall. Lesson -wise, I'm ok because the kids are working
      independently anyway (TAB--just started it--love it!)
      > Hope this helps,
      > Anna in western SD
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      > Subject: [art_education] early release days -scheduling
      > I was interested to read the post about scheduling since we are
      looking at an interesting situation for next year in our district
      involving early release days. Currently we have school from 7:50
      until 2:25 (this is an elementary school - 5kdg through 6th gr) Next
      year our day will go until 2:45. (Some parents are already
      complaining that is too long) The district officials are having
      conversations with the PTO, SIC (school improvement council) and
      other groups about having 7 Fridays built into the schedule next year
      when students will dismiss at 12 noon - lunch will still be provided
      to all ( bag lunches) and teachers will have training or meet with
      other teachers district wide in the area ei, all 1st grade teachers,
      all science teachers,etc. We only have 3 elem, 1 middle and 1 high
      school. Do any of your schools do that now? How do you like it? What
      do you do during your release days. Does the school provide anything
      for students who are bus riders, etc or do they all go home? I
      > think some schools do clubs or enrichment then- but how do the
      teachers have time for training or to do endless paperwork. I am
      thinking about my Friday afternoon students that will miss 7 days of
      art. They come to me once a week for 45 minutes. The Friday kids
      would miss a lot and we already have several inservice days on
      Fridays. Do any of you have students everyday for a quarter or
      several weeks at an elementary level?Of course they chose Friday
      because the high school athletics wanted that day so students
      wouldn't have to come back for practice on a Monday or other days. Do
      any you have early release time now? I'd love to hear from you. I
      have the ear of one of our board members who has to vote on this
      issue and I told her I would consult my network!
      > thanks,
      > Jeryl in SC
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