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Run, quarterlife, run!

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  • jakeofquarterlife
    Here s what people are saying about quarterlife . . . quarterlife isn t just a series. It s a media platform, complete with a vlog-based social network
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2007
      Here's what people are saying about quarterlife . . .

      " 'quarterlife' isn't just a series. It's a media platform, complete with a vlog-based social network designed to be a support system for 'creatives' . . . " - the Hollywood Reporter

      "Get ready for the future of TV, because it's here." - TV Guide

      The Show 

      As you may already know, quarterlife launched on November 12th. We're now four webisodes in and our momentum is building like a rocket-powered unicycle speeding downhill. New webisodes air Sunday and Thursday night at midnight. Are you new to the series? That's regrettable. Let us catch you up . . .

      What would you do if your friend called you an alcoholic slut in a video blog? Would you take it as a slice of life observation or lascivious slander? Well, that's exactly how Dylan -- our quarterlife protagonist -- referred to one of her friends, incurring the tearful wrath of barmaid/actress Lisa. She also exposed Jed's crush on his best friend's girlfriend Debra.

      The holidays are coming but drama like this doesn't grow on partridge trees. Especially now with the writer's strike.

      The Portfolio 

      Meet our favorite widget (a what?), an innovative way to showcase your artwork to people who care about art -- people who live, breathe, sleep, and sweat creative expression. Upload your photographs, fine art, music, animation, graphic design, writings, videos, etc. Pick the 25 pieces that will comprise your "Portfolio", a widget (seriously, what is a widget?) you can embed on other web pages, such as MySpace. Simply press the "share my portfolio" button and copy and paste the source code into the "About me" section on your MySpace profile. It's really easy and a great way to network with other artists and possible employers. Hipsters love it!


      Wear your hard hat -- qLife is under construction. You will soon realize why. Once you visit the qLife channel, you'll see that this part of quarterlife will (one day) be the home for content created by experts in a variety of artistic fields, as well as topics beyond the arts, such as environmental and human rights activism. qLife will feature mini-documentaries about our Artists-in-Residence, professional advice, and stories from the field.

      FYI, we welcome all UGC* so anything you upload might end up being featured in qLife. We've already spotlighted a hilarious video spoof of the quarterlife series on the show page. Go forth and explore.

      *user generated content


      Everyone knows what a forum is so we don't have to waste your time explaining it. Or do we? (awkward pause) Well, our forums are extra special. Why? Because we have a video reply feature, so you can rest your weary, arthritis-ridden fingers and delay the inexorable decay of your body just a little longer.

      Build communities with fellow qLifers for networking purposes or simply to give a shout out (literally, if you like). Go ahead, sing for your supper. Make suggestions about the site, test your links, embed some codes -- kick your feet up, make yourself at home. Who knows, someday it could be the only one you have.
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