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Kindergarten ideas to share

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I already got some kindergarten ideas to share with all of you. These are from Denise Pannell, Defiance Ohio. Denise posted these to Getty
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2003
      Dear Art Educators,

      I already got some kindergarten ideas to share with all of you. These are
      from Denise Pannell, Defiance Ohio. Denise posted these to Getty list (and
      just sent me a copy for my web page).
      I have been exploring my Elementary lesson ideas folder and found I have
      lots a goodies there, too. I probably will not be putting all ideas that are
      posted to the lists on Incredible Art Department -- but I will share ALL of
      them with all lists.


      We listened to the song Roy G. Biv off of the CD "Songs in the Key of Art"
      learned the different colors of the rainbow. They painted stripes of these
      colors, in order, on a piece of 10" X 16" white paper. When dry, they cut
      these paintings against the stripes into jagged pieces which were then glued
      on to a black piece of paper. They resemble a shattered rainbow.

      FALL REFLECTIONS MONOPRINT (adapted from KinderArt website)

      Fold a piece of white paper in half the hot dog way. Using oil pastels, add
      row of trees above the fold. Fold the paper up and rub the back of the trees
      to make them "jump" to the other side. (rulers, metal clips, anything hard
      will work) The trees will be fuzzy, but that is O.K. because the bottom half
      of the paper will be the reflection of the trees in the water. Using
      add the grass above the fold & fold up and rub so that the grass is printed
      to the bottom half. We used blue liquid watercolor to add the sky &
      monoprinted this as well. The last step is to add the leaves for the trees.
      used bottles of tempera (in fall colors) that have a tip on the end. They
      dotted the leaves onto the top row of trees, folded it over, and rubbed. We
      had lots of positive feedback on these.


      Like a sandwich: Piece of acetate, watered down (magic) glue, 4 colors of
      tissue ripped into small pieces, more magic glue, acetate. Add blck
      using black sharpie markers- find shapes and outline. Good for teaching
      mixing also, because the tissue overlaps and bleeds together. I frame them
      cheap pre-cut white mats.


      Discuss Miro, show examples of his works, especially the Carnival of the
      Harlequin. Pick out shapes, etc. I tell them to close their eyes and think
      made up worlds- fish riding bicycles, cloud people, etc. They use oil
      to create a strange land, making sure to use different types of line &
      We add "Decorative Doo-Dads" or "Stick & Lick" shapes as well.


      Discuss types of line. Using black tempera, they paint types of line onto a
      white paper. Next class, discuss the primary colors. They then fill in
      the black lines with the primaries. Very easy & abstract.


      Discuss shapes and size (small, med., large). They use black tempera to
      a shape family on to their white paper: Mommy circle, daddy circle, etc.
      about secondary colors and paint in around the shapes using them.


      A favorite! They look at Mondrian's work- I am always amazed by what they
      find; cities, farms, roads, skyscrapers, Legos. I give them a 12 X 12 piece
      either black or white paper. We listen to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as they
      work on a paper collage. I hand out strips of black, white, red, blue, and
      yellow paper.
      Teaches: Primary colors, neutrals, vertical lines, horizontal lines.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
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